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New Kawasakis for 2005

By Sean Alexander, Aug. 26, 2004
Wouldn't you know it, right after I publicly state that the Kawasaki Z750 isn't coming to the U.S., they up and decide to bring it here. I don't feel so bad though, cause Kawasaki tends to throw pretty cool Press Intros and I'm looking foreward to the trip. Of course, the fact that they have completely re-done the ZX-6R/ZX-6RR supersports doesn't hurt and thats another intro that I'm looking foreward to attending. After those two, I suppose I'll probably be too tired to attend the launch of the new/revised Vulcan 1600 Nomad, so Fonzie or EBass will probably be covering that one. Once I'm rested, I imagine they will be holding the intro for their new ZZR600 middleweight Sport Tourer. Joy!

I know this all sounds great, but dont hold your breath, as it will probably be five or six months from now, before the magazines actually get our hands on them. In the mean time, Im sure you will see lots of stories using stock photos and re-worded press release data to make you think they actually tested the bikes. Rest assured, as soon as they actually hold the intros, you will be reading real riding impressions right here on MO.

The 2005 ZX-6R (636cc) and ZX-6RR (599cc) looks to be entirely new from the ground up. From the photos, I'd say they did a good job on the styling, neatly blending a CBR 600RR with a ZX-10R. Looks aside, I can't wait to get my hands on one, as I loved last year's ZX-6R and they are faster for 2004 and probably faster still for 2005..

Speaking of ZX-6Rs, the "new" ZZR600 looks an awful lot like the 2002 ZX-6R, with the addition of an attractive and tasteful paint job. This is great news for middleweight sport touring fans, as the last generation ZX-6R was a fantastic motorcycle. By all accounts, the 636cc European version of this bike is an all time favorite, its too bad Kawasaki decided to make the new "ZZR" version a 599.

Another faux pas seems to be the addition of a fairing to the Z1000's little brother, the Z750. It is great news that they are bringing it stateside, but bad news that there isn't a fairing delete option. Never the less, it should be a great performer and a bargain in the middleweight standard class.

Last Year's Vulcan 1500 Nomad is now a 1600 sporting more chrome, a backrest and more comfortable passenger accommodations in addition to the larger motor.

For all the info (to date) check out the story on Kawasaki's New 2005 Models.

I know you are waiting for the big Sport Touring Shootout, but Kawasaki sprang this on us last minute and since it includes some all new stuff, we needed to get it live ASAP. Stay tuned, Monday night, the much anticipated ST Shootout will be live for your reading enjoyement. -Sean
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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