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Tomahawk Colored Tire Review

By George Obradovich, Aug. 19, 2004
I'm sure you have all seen the ads for those colored tires in the back of your bike rags. Well, in the interest of good fun, I took the time to visit www.cycletires.com, and actually ordered a red one for the CBR1000f.

Now for those of you who don't know, these tires are re-treads. I know... I know... you probly think that means "death trap", and I was a bit skeptical myself, but hey, you have to die sometime right?

Anyway I didn't really like the look of the website ordering system and decided to give them a call instead. Turns out they had a 180/55 in red that they'd give me for half-price. 75 bucks for a sport compound rear tire? Ummm... Yeah... I'll take it.

I've had the tire for about 4000 miles now, and apart from the large flat spot that resulted from all those interstate miles, it's in great shape. I'll be suprised if I don't get 8,000 miles out of this badboy. Considering that I ride a 600 pound bike, that's pretty danged good!

So how's it ride? It's neutral as can be. My initial impressions were great. The bike leaned so much easier. In fact, I don't so much push the bike over anymore. I just sort of give her a gentle nudge, and over she goes. This? For 75 bucks? Amazing!

Now for the bad news. The colored tires are normally $150 in that size. I got it half off because of a defect in the color. What ever, the tire's red man. Now the same tire in black is quite a bit less expensive.

Remember that the rubber itself is colored, so the color will never wear off. They collect dirt like anything else, but the dirt washes off.

Oh, and if you have doubts about the tires holding up at speed, well put those to rest. I check out at 155. No worries.

The tires are available in full-race, sport, and touring compounds, and in several different colors. The one I have is the sport compound, and it is way softer than the 207 I replaced.

If ya have any questions, feel free to email me, or post here. I can send pictures to if ya like.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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