MoPeds Are Motorcycles Too? Staff
by Staff
So, I was approached at the Wednesday nite bike gathering by a nice lady from the local ABATE Chapter. She was toting a document for all of us to sign.

Basically, it petitioned the Florida Legislature to separate the statistics of MoPed incidents and accidents from those involving "real" motorcycles. Here in FL, anyone 16 years or older with a valid drivers license can ride a scooter (which is anything on less than four wheels with a motor less than 50cc), and travel on the public roadway. They can carry a passenger, if the scooter has a two person seat.

Read the rest of this post, then let us know your opinion. MO says: Scooters and MoPeds are too much fun NOT to be motorcycles, unless you're insecure about something.

Apparently, the MoPed accident statistics are eye-watering, and since they are included in the heap with the motorcycle stats, the thought is that the insurance rates are skewed unfairly. I know that here on the Redneck Riviera it gets pretty ugly, especially during Spring Break.

So, MoRons, do you think:
a.) The stats should be separated.
b.) MoPed rider requirements should be increased.
c.) The insurance companies are gonna screw us any way they can, and the present statistics bolster their case. Their lobby ain't gonna let this issue go anywhere.

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