First Bike for a BMW Fan?

Hi all,

I'm a complete newbie, about to get started in motorcycling. I'm at a crossroads, and was hoping I could get a poke in the right direction. I'm taking the MSF pretty soon (I'm out of the country right now), but that will be pretty much my first time behind the handlebars.

Seeing as I've always been fascinated by BMWs, the question is this: should I start with an inexpensive used standard that'll teach me the basics, knowing I'll move on to a nicer bike a year or two from now? Or should I get an F650CS (which I like, but don't go gaga for) and 'grow old' with it?

I know for a fact that my dream bike is the K 1200 GT - the more I read, the more I drool. I also know for a fact that I'm not suicidal - the flying bricks are no place for newbies like me. I consider myself a generally prudent guy, and have a clean driving record. My point is, though, that I'm attracted to the sport-tourer segment.

Thanks for your suggestions
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