Sluggish Used Bike Market? Staff
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I've been having a tough time selling my 2002 Kawasaki ZX-6E, and I'm wondering why. I've advertised it on for two weeks now, in the paper for a week, and in the local Trading Post for a week, too. Only one call.

Great color, average mileage. It's priced around NADA retail "or best offer," so I don't think price is the problem. I've got some other ideas--let me know what you think:

1) A sluggish economy. Are more people having a tough time getting $5-6K together to buy a bike?

2) Sweet financing deals on new bikes. Is it way easy to drop an extra $2-3K to buy new?

3) Sport-touring weirdness. This bike's not a Harley wanna-be, and it's not the latest, greatest sportbike; does being outside those two market categories make it unappealing to the vast majority of buyers?

I sold my last bike, a Suzuki VX800, in two hours this time last year, so this is frustrating! Any observations/advice are much appreciated--

Chris C.

The Kelly Blue Book site lists the value for a 2002 ZX-6E at $4100, so in addition to the factors above, it seems you might be asking too much for this bike, which wasn't ever a top-seller to begin with. --MO

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