Husqvarna Streetbike to Use 900cc BMW Twin Staff
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Husqvarna released an update on its upcoming streetbike, confirming it will use a BMW derived 900cc engine.

Known best for its off-road motorcycles, Husqvarna will introduce its first streetbike for 2012 using a modified version of the parallel Twin engine from parent company BMW’s F800R.

The new advnture tourer will be the first streetbike designed by engineers from both Husqvarna and BMW, including some former F1 engineers. Former Aprilia designer Raffaele Zaccagnini is overseeing the project.

Engineers from Husqvarna and BMW are working together to develop the new streetbike.
Apart from increasing the engine’s displacement to 900cc from 798cc. Engineers also re-designed the air-box and exhaust layouts in an attempt to reduce weight and optimize weight distribution.

According to Husqvarna, the updated engine will offer linear and smooth power delivery at low rpm as well as strong performance at high revs. Husqvarna hasn’t provided any details, but performance numbers should improve from the BMW F800R’s claimed output of 87hp and 63 ft-lb.

Husqvarna is expected to debut the new streetbike at the 2011 EICMA show in Milan.

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