Honda produces 60 millionth Cub

Small displacement bike the world’s best-selling vehicle

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 21, 2008
Honda’s Cub series of motorcycles has reached the 60-million unit milestone.

The four-stroke single cylinder Cub motorcycles with engine displacements between 49cc-125cc were designed as an affordable urban transportation option. It is the highest-selling motor vehicle ever, reaching more than 160 countries, and is most popular in Asia.

Honda first introduced the Super Cub C100 in 1958. The first generation Super Cub C100 used a 50cc four-stroke engine at a time when two-stroke engines were the norm. Honda's 1958 Super Cub C100 broke from convention by using a four-stroke engine.

Featuring a low-floor backbone frame, a centrifugal clutch system and large plastic leg shield, the basic design of the Super Cub has remained virtually unchanged as the bike approaches its 50th anniversary this August.

Honda produced over 24,000 Cubs in 1958. The following year, production jumped to 167,000 and under the name ‘Honda 50’, the Cub became one of the first Honda products to be exported to the US. The Cub series continued to grow over the years with 4.7 million units produced in 2007. The Cub eclipsed the 60-million mark in April.A 2007 Honda Super Cub 50 Standard retains many of the elements from its 1958 ancestor.

In 2006, the Discovery Channel documentary “The Greatest Ever” named the Cub the ‘greatest ever motorcycle’ ahead of the Ducati 916, and the Honda CB 750.