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Greatest Road updates iPhone app

Software offers new community and international features
By Press Release, May. 26, 2010
Greatest Road makes looking for great places to ride better than ever before.

The Greatest Road app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch already offers a built-in map showing nearly 2,000 motorcycle routes contributed and rated by other bikers.

It has now been updated to include Google Maps views, Community Flag, posting any ride to a Facebook feed, and sorting by rating, distance and other factors. It is now also available in Italian, German and French.

featured motorcycle brands
featured motorcycle brands

Users of the new version can view any route in Google Maps on a PC or Mac, or send the route as a Google Map by email. All routes are freely shareable, and can be downloaded as gpx files to add to a Garmin or other motorcycle GPS.

With Community Flag, users nix bad entries by others, flagging them as duplicates, uninteresting, or just junk. This puts in place safeguards to keep the quality of the ride list high. Users are adding more rides daily, rapidly expanding the database which now contains close to 2,000 routes.

For those with Facebook pages, the new version allows you to post any ride to a Facebook wall. This makes it easy to tell riding buddies where you want to go next or to show off the ride you discovered and conquered.

The app works throughout the United States and Canada and is expanding in over 50 countries. The same application works in all supported countries independent of where it was bought.

You can get the app by searching for Greatest Road Software in the iTunes App Store or by clicking here to go directly to iTunes.

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