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Dorna prepares for Spanish GP

Plans in place in case of another air travel delay
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 23, 2010
MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports is taking extra steps to ensure the Jerez round wont be hampered by transport delays.

Air traffic restrictions caused by volcanic ash from an eruption in Iceland forced the cancellation of the Grand Prix of Japan, originally scheduled for April 23-25. Approximately 600 crates carrying 270 tons from various teams and organizations, including over 100 motorcycles, were already shipped to Japan following the Grand Prix of Qatar.

Dorna has arranged for three Boeing 747 airplanes to transport the 270 tons of cargo from Japan to Jerez for the Spanish Grand Prix, April 30-May 2. Dornas logistics crew has scheduled two alternate routes for two of the planes, one traveling through Helsinki, Finland, and the other traveling through Anchorage, Alaska and New York. The third plane will travel through Siberia with a stop in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

The first two planes are scheduled to arrive at Seville Airport in southern Spain on the mornings of April 26 and 27. The third plane is scheduled to arrive on the afternoon of the 27th.

According to Dorna, the 270 tons of cargo includes:

  • Race bikes and team materials (180 tons)
  • Broadcasting equipment (50 tons)
  • Advertising material (23 tons)
  • Timing equipment (7 tons)
  • Official BMW car and motorcycles of the MotoGP championship (5.5 tons)

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