Canadian racing groups form united front

Alliance provides more opportunities for riders

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 28, 2008
Several Canadian motorcycle racing groups are uniting under the same banner to coordinate and expand motorcycle competition for Canadians.

As the largest motorcyclists advocacy group in Canada, the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) is forming the MCC Competition Working Group to provide better opportunities for Canadians. This will open doors for more Canadians to compete on the international stage.

Over the past decades, motorcycle competition here has become more and more fragmented. This has cost riders dearly in terms of local, national and international opportunities, says Peter Jacobs, president of the MCC. Our members, the riding community, felt that this had to change, and this initiative is the first step in changing that.

Signing on as founding members of the MCC Competition Working Group are the Canadian Motosport Racing Club (CMRC), Parts Canada Superbike Championship, and World Enduro Canada (WEC).

Under the new alliance, groups such as the CMRC will be able to work with international groups such as the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM).

This will allow CMRC to put forward a proper effort and funding for events such as the Motocross of Nations, for pro riders, also for amateur riders with events such as the World Junior Cup, says Mark Stallybrass, president of CMRC. MCCs international affiliation and CMRCs association with MCC will remove the necessity for riders, pro riders in particular, to have to purchase a license that they dont use in order to participate in events abroad.

For WEC organizer Lawrence Hacking, the new working group will benefit Canada which has already provided great contributions on the global motorcycling stage. He cites as an example the World Enduro Championship events the WEC organized in 2006 and 2007.

Were taking the momentum of two really good World Enduro Championships and taking that momentum to the next step, says WEC organizer Lawrence Hacking. To get a lot, we have to give a lot, and I think that the off-road community has given a lot to this sport and the industry recently and we look forward to doing that in the future.

Colin Fraser, president of Professional Motorsport Productions, which produces the Parts Canada Superbike Championship series, also feels that Canadians have made great contributions to the racing world.

The reality is that Canada already, to some extent, overachieves in terms of what we accomplish, says Fraser. Were all well aware of how much expertise there is and how much passion for this sport and how many great successful riders have come from Canada, and on the flipside, how many more might have been able to succeed in a situation that allowed them to advance up the ladder a little easier and a little more straightforward.

With these three organizations as its founding members, the MCC Competition Working Group will cover a diverse range of motorcycling skills.

One of the most positive benefits now in the competition end of things with MCC is now all disciplines of motorcycling, be it motocross, road racing, cross country, enduros, supermoto, can all be represented under one common organization at the domestic and international stage, says Stallybrass. And as we all know, this has been a long time coming.