AMA Publishes Voter Guide Staff
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AMA Publishes Voter Guide

See where the candidates stand on motorcycles
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 26, 2010
The American Motorcyclist Association has released on online resource showing where politicians stand on motorcycle-related issues.

The AMA rated federal and gubernatorial candidates from the major political parties to see how closely they align with the AMAs position on motorcycle-related matters. The AMA sent out questionnaires to candidates and those who responded were given a fuel-gauge type rating on their positions on motorcycling. The AMA also gathered voting records of federal incumbents seeking re-election. The results were collected to form the 2010 AMA Voter Guide.

As a nonpartisan organization, the AMA does not endorse political candidates, says Ed Moreland, AMA senior vice president for government relations. However, we encourage our members to cast their ballots based on candidates positions on motorcycling-related issues, as well as other issues of importance to them. AMA members have long sought a voter guide, and we certainly hope they will take a hard look at our 2010 AMA Voter Guide to see where their candidates stand on issues important to the future of motorcycling before ultimately casting their votes.

The 2010 AMA Voter Guide is available online to AMA members at The guide also provides candidate biographies and links to their campaign websites and other information. The AMA Voter Guide also provides links to help members register to vote and provides alerts on government-related motorcycling issues in their areas.

The online voter guide will be updated as more candidates complete their questionnaires. The AMA is encouraging its members to contact local candidates that have yet to complete the questionnaire and ask them to do so.

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