2023 Triumph Tiger 900 Aragon Edition Models Certified in Australia

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Special edition versions of the GT Pro and Rally Pro

Triumph is preparing to add a pair of special edition Tiger 900 models for 2023, according to updated vehicle certification data from Australia. Available for both the road-going Tiger 900 GT and the more off-road equipped Tiger 900 Rally, the special edition models are likely in recognition of Iván Cervantes’ victory for Triumph in the 2022 Baja Aragón last July.

Australian homologation data for the Tiger 900 models was updated just before Christmas, adding two new variants: Tiger 900 GT Aragon Edition and Tiger 900 Rally Aragon Edition. While the documentation did not include photos of the Aragon Edition models, it’s safe to assume they will have a paint scheme similar to the livery on the Tiger 900 Rally Pro that Cervantes raced at the Baja Aragón.

Iván Cervantes won the Trail category and finished 11th overall out of 75 riders in the 2022 Bajas Aragón.

Cervantes finished first in the newly-created Trail class, though it should be noted there were only three entrants, with the other two riding Yamaha Ténéré 700s. Still, Cervantes’ time of 9:39.0 put him 11th across all motorcycle classes, just 40 minutes behind overall winner, Team Sherco TVS Rally Factory rider Rui Gonçalves, and 2 hours 41 minutes ahead of the fastest Ténéré 700 rider, Angel Bellmunt.

According to the documentation, the Aragon Edition models will use the same 888cc Inline-Triple as the regular Tiger 900 models. The wheels will also be the same as the regular models, with cast wheels for the GT models (with a 19-inch front wheel) and wire spokes for the Rally models (21-inches at the front).

The Tiger 900 Rally Aragon Edition is listed with a tare weight of 214 kg (472 pounds), or about 7 pounds heavier than the Tiger 900 Rally Pro. The Tiger 900 GT Aragon Edition is listed at 210 kg (463 pounds), about 4 pounds heavier than the Tiger 900 GT Pro’s homologated tare weight. Unfortunately, the documentation does not explain the extra weight, so we can only assume the Aragon Edition models come loaded with pieces from Triumph’s accessories catalog.

We don’t know when Triumph will announce the new Tiger 900 Aragon Edition models, though we can confirm from their vehicle identification numbers that they are intended for the 2023 model year.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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    Only the taller than average Hobbits nourished by Elvin bread can operate this sled, albeit with one foot on the peg and the other on the ground at standstill.
    Even "Strider" himself finds the seat height a bit tall.

  • Extra money for an uglier paint job. Well done marketers.