2022 Kawasaki KLX230 SE First Look

John Burns
by John Burns

SE means Special Additions

You already know Kawasaki’s lovable and affordable KLX230 dualsport/playbike. For 2022, the KLX230 SE – as in Special Edition – packs on popular accessories at the factory, saving you the heartache and trauma of having to deal with dangerous hand tools yourself. It also comes in non-green colors, and best of all the price barely budges: The 2022 KLX230 SE is available in Oriental Blue and Firecracker Red with an MSRP of $4,999. The 2022 KLX230 is available in Lime Green, with an MSRP of $4,799.

Kawasaki Press Release:

2022 Kawasaki KLX230 SE Dual-Sport Motorcycle


MMmm, Oriental Blue

The Kawasaki KLX230 returns for 2022 accompanied by the new 2022 KLX230 SE (special edition) dual-sport motorcycle. The KLX230 SE is purpose built for serious fun on the street and in the dirt; with its engine, frame, and suspension designed to inspire confidence. Just like the KLX230 dual-sport, the KLX230 SE takes cues from the KX motorcross line and Kawasaki’s racing heritage to deliver a dual-sport motorcycle that has been designed to enable riders to get out of town while enjoying the trails with confidence.

The KLX230 SE comes standard with all the great features of the KLX230 as well as several Kawasaki Genuine Accessories upgrades that give it a special appearance while adding to the overall ride experience. Upgrades include the addition of handguards, skid plate, frame covers, tapered handlebar set as well as black rims, and unique color and graphics.


  • NEW Hand guards
  • NEW Tapered handlebar
  • NEW Skid plate
  • NEW Frame covers
  • NEW Black coated rims
  • NEW Special Edition color and graphics


Several Kawasaki Genuine Accessories offered for the KLX230 motorcycle can now be found as standard equipment on the KLX230 SE. A tapered handlebar set helps improve ride comfort with its 1-1/8” steel-clamping diameter that tapers to a narrower grip area. This allows controlled flex that acts as a kind of shock absorber for the hands and arms to reduce fatigue and add comfort. The handlebar has also been fitted with hand guards that help protect the rider’s hands from debris and weather.

Ooooo, Firecracker Red

Durable frame covers are constructed from plastic and help provide scuff protection for the chassis side rails. A skid plate has been mounted to provide full coverage protection of the chassis bottom rails and includes an oil drain hole to allow oil to be changed without the need for removal.

Black finished front and rear wheel rims replace the silver rims found on the KLX230 for an aggressive look that is complemented by the special edition color and graphics.

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John Burns
John Burns

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