And The Winner Of The 2018 Wheelie Championship Is… Staff
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and the winner of the 2018 wheelie championship is

What? You didn’t know the Wheelie Championships are a thing? Of course it’s a thing, and it’s been so since 2006. Taking place in York, England, the event attracts competitors from all over the European continent, but also riders from the US. While it’s known for the wheelies, the event’s other component is a speed contest (not involving wheelies) over the 1km course.

Approximately 30 riders were entered in the wheelie contest, with participants judged for who can perform the fastest wheelie over 1km. The machines entered are mostly your standard fare sportbikes, but a few nakeds and streetfighters are also entered. Of course, each of the motorcycles were modified, some even pumping out 400-plus horses thanks to forced induction.

In 2017, a new record for fastest wheelie was set at 217 mph by Ted Brady. Weather conditions for 2018 weren’t as favorable, with winds blowing on the course. And though a gentle breeze may not seem like much at lower speeds, when you’re grazing the 200 mph barrier – especially on one wheel – a breeze will feel like a gale force wind!

Still, that didn’t stop American Cecil “Bubba” Myers, aboard his Kawasaki ZX-10R, from winning the 2018 event as he flew through the 1km mark – on one wheel – at an impressive 206 mph. Check out his winning run, plus some attempts by others, in the video below. Staff Staff

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