It seems like the Skully saga is getting a bit old at this point, what with broken promises, angry (potential) customers, and resurrection via new ownership. At this point, moto-technophiles who geek out over the Fenix AR helmet’s futuristic options like a head’s up display, rear-view camera, and smartphone integration (which enables GPS navigation) just want to see the thing get in their hands. That said, Skully – or more accurately, Skully Technologies, its new name after the change in ownership – hears the criticism and has stated its hopes to make helmets available come the summer, which, if you’re paying attention, is right around the corner. Of course, tech like this won’t come cheap, and the Skully Fenix AR is set to retail for a staggering $1,899.

There’s no way around it – nearly two grand for a helmet is a tough pill to swallow. However, new technology is always expensive, and should the Skully Fenix AR catch some traction, it’s reasonable to believe the price will come down in the future. The two biggest challenges Skully Technologies have in front of them are changing the perception of the brand (which, in its first iteration as Skully Inc., left people high and dry) and convincing the riding public that augmented reality contained inside a helmet is a benefit.

To the first point, Skully Technologies has instituted the Make It Right Campaign. Targeted specifically to those who put a deposit down for the original Skully, by registering on the new Skully website, these people essentially have first dibs on the new helmet when it becomes available. As for the second obstacle, only time will tell if the motorcycling public is ready for this level of technology inside their helmets. Detractors will be quick to holler that augmented reality is distracting and harmful for motorcyclists, while fans of the tech will counter the exact opposite. This is something we just don’t know at this point. What we do know is the Skully Fenix AR – again, at $1,899 – costs more than some good used motorcycles. At that price, will it still be around for us to see version 2.0?