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Brent Jaswinski
by Brent Jaswinski


Ahhh, Friday… One of my favorite F-words. It’s the one day, or night, that often feels the most lighthearted and carefree (once work is finished, of course) because the weekend is just starting and you still have another two full days ahead of you before starting the cycle all over again. Well, for most people, anyway…

Not for Mikey Pestritto – everyday is Friday for this guy! He lives to ride his motorcycle that’s been converted into a live concert on wheels – three wheels to be exact. From the looks of it, it appears like this trike started its life off as a Yamaha Roadliner, but it now has a full drum-kit complete with not one, but two bass drums, and speakers galore.

Behold! The Motorcycle Trike Drum Set

Mikey cruises around singing and drumming with the intention of not only putting a smile on people’s faces, but also raising awareness and educating people on the prevention of heart disease. He’s helped create Heartbeat Riders of America, a non-profit organization starring his rolling band rig he calls Iron Thunder.

Well, just like the couple in the car filming the video, Mikey certainly put a smile on our faces, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the videos too. (I’ve included a couple below for different perspectives.) We only hope that one day we’ll get the opportunity to cross paths to see Mikey and Iron Thunder rockin’ & rollin’ along. Heck, maybe we’ll even start a band…

Happy Friday!

For more information on Heartbeat Riders of America, check out their site here.

Brent Jaswinski
Brent Jaswinski

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