Moto Guzzi V85 TT Is On the Way

John Burns
by John Burns

Slightly overlooked in this year’s Intermot insanity was Moto Guzzi’s announcement that its V85 TT is officially on the way. We first remember seeing this one at the EICMA show last November, but now it’s production-ready and quite the looker.

moto guzzi v85 tt is on the way

As usual, there’s a 90-degree transverse air-cooled 850cc V-twin powering the thing, this one with a claimed 80 horsepower. It’s contained in a new steel-tube frame, which uses it as the basis of what’s said to be a nice rigid structure, for precise handling, “rigor on the road, and even robustness and right feeling in off-road riding.”

All good things.

moto guzzi v85 tt is on the way

A brave new TFT display contains cell phones and helmets and things to tell us you’ll be able to Bluetooth it all over hell and back, and hints that ride modes and even electronic-adjust suspension might be optional or possibly standard?

moto guzzi v85 tt is on the way

For the increasing number of us who are beginning to think less is more when it comes to ADV bikes – especially ones that will actually be ridden off piste – the V85 already appears to make a lot of sense, especially compared to its Stelvio 1200 NTX stablemate. We don’t have all the numbers yet, but the TT appears to be “right-sized,” and comes with all the right equipment, including 19- and 17-inch spoked wheels (please don’t let there be tubes in there), shaft drive, and serious Brembo brakes. Also, at least decent small-rock protection for the undercarriage, handguards and reasonable wind protection.

moto guzzi v85 tt is on the way

Also, it just looks pretty sweet in that funky yet functional way that Moto Guzzi sometimes manages to pull off like few other manufacturers.

We’ll probably get the full lowdown at EICMA in Milan, which happens the first week of November. In the meantime, another nice thing about Eurobikes is that Guzzi is already inviting people to take the new V85 for a test ride. Fill out the form over here, and you’ll be contacted when your dealer has one for you to take for a spin. Prego.

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