Harley-Davidson electric logos

Harley-Davidson has filed trademark applications for two potential new logos for electric two-wheelers. The two trademarks were filed today with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, for use on either electric bicycles or electric motorcycles (plus “structural parts therefor”). We expect similar filings to pop up on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office any day now. [UPDATE: As expected, Harley-Davidson has filed trademark applications for these two logos with the USPTO. This also gives us a higher-resolution look at the two symbols.)

One logo is a circular emblem with the wordmark “Harley-Davidson” and a lightning bolt running through it. The second is a shield (but not the traditional bar-and-shield version) with the letters “HD” and a similar lightning bolt. It’s unclear, however, if Harley-Davidson intends to use one for electric motorcycles and the other for electric-assist bicycles, or if they will both be used interchangeably for either.

Harley-Davidson Rude Boy Electric bikes

As we’ve previously reported, Harley-Davidson had filed to trademark “Rude Boy” for use on electric bicycles, and it’s not difficult to imagine either of the new logos as an emblem on one of the prototypes we’ve seen so far.

We also know Harley-Davidson is developing an “low power” electric mini-bike (the prototype is pictured below) that could also be a fit for either logo.

Additionally, Harley-Davidson has confirmed it is developing a “mid power” electric motorcycle that will slot in below the “high power” Livewire. Harley-Davidson has released one image teasing this mid power motorcycle (pictured below) with a codename “EDT600R” visible on the bodywork.

Harley-Davidson also has its IronE line of electric balance bikes, but those are already on the market bearing the bar-and-shield logo. It’s not likely, then, for the new logos to be used on on these children’s bikes.

Harley hasn’t given any indication on when we can expect any of these electric vehicles will come to market, but these logo filings may suggest it will happen in the new future.


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