Honda announced a redesigned Grom for Europe, with a new engine, a five-speed transmission, IMU-based ABS and a new, more utilitarian-looking styling. For those keeping track, this is the second redesign for the Grom since its introduction in the 2014 model year. Does the fact the Honda Grom is already on its third design make anyone feel old? I can’t be the only one, right?

With the new look comes a new name, at least for Europe. Formerly known as the MSX125, it will now be referred to as the MSX125 Grom by Europeans. We’ve always just called it the Grom in North America, and that’s likely to continue when the 2021 model is announced here. Regardless of the name, the Grom has been a success for Honda, with more than 750,000 units sold worldwide while kicking off a minimoto revival with the Monkey, Super Cub and CT125.

The 2021 Grom gets a much cleaner design with straighter lines. The rising tail and two-level seat have been replaced with a flatter, slightly shorter seat (30 inches vs. 30.1 inches if you want to be particular). Honda has always trumpeted the Grom’s ease of customization, and the 2021 model is no different, as the stock design boldly highlights the six large bolts that attach the side panels and tank covers.

The 2021 Grom is powered by a new two-valve air-cooled engine. The displacement remains at about 125cc, but that is achieved through a 50.0 mm bore and a 63.1 mm stroke, compared to the previous model’s 52.4 mm bore and 57.9 mm stroke. Honda claims a peak power of 9.7 hp, the same as the previous Grom, but it arrives there slightly later at 7250 rpm versus the previous 7000 rpm. The new Grom, however, sees a slight dip in torque, peaking at 7.7 lb-ft. at 5500 rpm compared to the previous model’s 8.0 lb-ft. at 5500 rpm. Naturally, the new engine meets Euro 5 emissions standards.

Honda added a fifth gear to the transmission for a wider spread of gear ratios. The 15-tooth front sprocket is the same, but Honda replaced the previous 34-tooth final drive sprocket for a 38-tooth sprocket. With all these changes, the 2021 MSX125 Grom claims a top speed of 58.4 mph, up from 57.2 mph.

The new tail means a new subframe, but the main steel mono-backbone frame remains the same as on the previous model. The design allows Honda to package components like the fuel injection and the electrical parts efficiently under the tank cover while still allowing the fuel tank to increase from 1.45 gallons to 1.59 gallons.

The Grom continues to run on 12-inch cast wheels, but the 2021 model uses a new five-spoke design. The suspension remains the same, with a 31 mm inverted fork and rear monoshock. The brakes are similar, with a dual-piston caliper with a 220 mm disc up front and a single-piston caliper and 190 mm rotor at the back.

Other highlights include a new LCD dash with rev counter and gear position indicator, and a claimed curb weight of 227 pounds.

The 2021 Honda MSX125 Grom will be offered in Europe in a choice of three colors: Force Silver Metallic, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, and Gayety Red. We await word on U.S. availability.


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