2021 BMW G310GS First Look

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

BMW announced updates to the G310GS, making the littlest GS Euro 5-compliant and giving it new LED lighting and adjustable levers. The G310R, the GS’ naked standard sibling, is expected to receive similar updates but it has not been announced as yet.

The engine remains a liquid-cooled 313cc four-valve engine with a reverse-canted single cylinder. For Euro 5 homologation, the G310GS receives a new electronic throttle, with BMW promising a more sensitive throttle response. BMW also added an automatic idle speed increase for improved starting. The claimed peak engine output remains at 33.5 hp at 9500 rpm and 20.7 lb-ft. at 7500 rpm.

The G310GS also receives an anti-hopping clutch to reduce engine drag torque and improve downshifting while also making the clutch lever easier to pull. Both the clutch and brake levers may now be adjusted through four different positions.

The previous G310GS used LEDs for its brake lights but the 2021 model uses a LED headlight and turn indicators. The headlight design was also updated so it doesn’t vibrate as much as the previous design.

The 2021 BMW G310GS is available in three color options: plain polar white with a black frame, Rallye blue with a red frame and a 40 Years GS black and yellow in honor of the GS line’s 40th anniversary. U.S. pricing and availability remain to be announced.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • JFF JFF on Oct 04, 2020

    Also seems like the "ABS off" button has disappeared. As mentioned, the KTM 390 ADV is way ahead of the game - TFT colour display, bluetooth, Cornering ABS and Traction control, included 12V socket, handguards and of course more capacity reading around 10 hp and nm more than the G310GS AND at a cheaper price where I currently live. I like the look of it a lot and these bikes really are perfect for where I live (road condition(s), no chance of getting the best out of anything above 500cc as a result etc, but in my current "home country" of the Philippines the little BMW is coming in at over 600 USD more than the KTM, Thats a LOT of money for the badge. Who knows, maybe we'll find out in a month they'll reprice it downwards LOL!

  • Tim Sawatzky Tim Sawatzky on Oct 05, 2020

    I owned an 18' for a little while for my wife to get back into riding. The issues were not the headlight or adjustable levers or paint scheme. It was mainly the saggy suspension and buzzy engine. There was no bottom end torque for off road, it was very easy to stall, which is no good for a newbie. And the foot pegs at highway speed felt like a palm sander on the bottom of your feet. Other than that, and the constant recalls, it was a great little bike.