9. Other Tasty Internal Combustion Tidbits …


At low rpm, longer intakes are better. At some point in the rev band, a servo motor snaps the plastic funnels up (inside the 23% larger, 10.5-liter airbox) and lets the engine breathe through the short intake tracts that produce best high-rpm power. One set of 12-hole fuel injectors lives inside each gaping 45mm throttle body. Another set of injectors showers fuel from on high … poor Hayes’ bike had to make do with just one set of injectors.


Meanwhile inside the new head, finger-type cam followers with super-slick Diamond Like Carbon Coating activate the 33mm titanium intake and 26.5mm exhaust valves. The leverage of the followers lets smaller (lighter) cam lobes achieve high lift with reduced friction (and may make valve adjustments possible without having to remove the cams). An even flatter combustion chamber bumps compression to 13:1. Use Ethyl.