Yamaha t7 adventure bike concept

Last week, Yamaha released a video teasing a new product launch for Sept. 6, with the tantalizing title “Your Adventure Awaits.” Naturally, this led to assumptions it’s for the launch of the production version of the T7 concept Yamaha presented at EICMA.

Multiple motorcycle publications, first in Europe and eventually on this side of the Atlantic, ran with the premise of an impending launch for an FZ-07-based Adventure bike (Ténéré 700 perhaps?). The problem is, the teaser is not for the final production version of the Yamaha T7. In fact, it’s not even for a motorcycle at all. It’s for a new side-by-side.

It’s not hard to see how other publications would make this mistake. The word “Adventure” is the keyword most publications jumped on, as Adventure bikes are one of the biggest trends in the motorcycle industry these days. We also know Yamaha has been working on the production model T7, both evidenced by spy photos and test rides of the concept offered to select European outlets.

Yamaha Tenere Spy-

Yamaha is working on the mid-sized adventure bike, but don’t expect to see it on Sept. 6. Photo by Bernhard Hohne/BMH-Images

The teaser video was first spotted on Yamaha Motor Europe’s Youtube channel and Twitter feed, and side-by-sides are not as big in Europe as they are here in North America. The natural assumption, then, was that the campaign would be for the new Ténéré.

Meanwhile, Yamaha Motor USA’s motorcycle social media accounts made no peep about the video. That wouldn’t be entirely unusual, as it could indicate a potential model would only be offered in Europe and not North America.

Except, of course, for the fact Yamaha Motor USA did push the teaser on social media feeds for its Outdoor products, namely for side-by-sides and ATVs. The video was also highly featured on Yamaha Motor USA’s side-by-side website.

After much confusion, Yamaha has updated most of its social media posts, both here and in Europe, to clearly show that the Sept. 6 launch is for a new side-by-side. But that hasn’t stopped motorcycle blogs from still pushing a story that is demonstrably not true.

But hey, if you’re interested in Yamaha’s new side-by-side, please visit our sister site ATV.com which will have full details once details are available at the vehicle’s official launch on Sept. 6.

If you want to know more about a potential mid-sized Yamaha Ténéré, however, you’ll probably have to wait until EICMA.