Victory is reducing its European market product line-up to just four models for 2017 because of new Euro 4 regulations kicking in next year. We’re not sure Euro 4 was supposed to stand for “four European models,” but here we are.

Victory Motorcycles Announces 2017 Models

While North American consumers will have a full lineup of 12 models for 2017, Europeans will be left with the Octane, Gunner, High-ball and Judge (which, ironically, isn’t part of Victory’s 2017 U.S. lineup). No baggers or touring models survived the cut for Victory’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division. Hopefully this will change in 2018 if Polaris wants the Victory brand to grow in these markets.

Remember the Judge? Victory continues to offer the Judge though it's been absent from the U.S. line-up since 2014.

Remember the Judge? Victory continues to offer the Judge in Europe though it’s been absent from the U.S. line-up since 2014.

Victory hasn’t announced a 2017 electric Empulse TT yet for any market, and that may still come for Europe. If it does, it too will be subject to Euro 4 rules. While much of the focus of Euro 4 has been on its strict emission requirements, the regulations also call for mandatory ABS for high-powered motorcycles and daytime running lights, features the Empulse TT currently lack. We expect Victory is saving a 2017 Empulse for a later announcement (possibly alongside other new electric models) which will likely include updates to comply with Euro 4.

“We look to a bright future at Victory, learning from our past successes, while not forgetting the models that have made us the brand we are today,” says Rodney Krois, Victory Motorcycles general manager. “Octane was the start of a new direction for Victory Motorcycles and we can now get ready for the next chapter. Sure, we’re sad to see some models leave the EMEA region, but what follows will be even more exciting.”

Victory will still be allowed to sell existing stock of its 2016 models that are being dropped from the 2017 line-up. These include the Cross Country, Cross Country Tour, Vision and Magnum. Once the stock runs out, European customers will be out of luck until Victory introduces Euro 4-complaint updates down the road.

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