Suzuki brought the tribe together this morning in the spacious Joint performance space in the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel to unveil the 2015 Suzuki models. The biggest news is the introduction of the new 2015 GSX-S750 and the 2016 GSX-S1000 (yes, 2016) models we covered in separate articles, but that doesn’t mean the Suzuki news is over. With approximately 300 dealers in attendance, Suzuki Motor of America reps stepped on the stage to give a pep talk about where the company stands 549 days after its restructuring and to wow the crowd by taking the wraps off the 2015 model line.

The introductory speech from SMoA president Takeshi Hayasaki covered the big changes that have happened during the American subsidiary’s restructuring and what the immediate and long-term goals are for the company. He explained that the company had done the hard work of selling out old inventory and would now start working on necessary short- and long-term goals. The 2015 model year would work hard on special pricing to give the company a competitive edge. This would be achieved through price reductions on many important models. Finally, Suzuki would start to refresh the model lines with real improvements with the new GSX-S models as an example of this focus.

2015 Suzuki GSX-S750

Yet another formidable contender enters the middleweight naked bike class: the 2015 Suzuki GSX-S750

Among the interesting facts mentioned during the addresses by numerous Suzuki representatives was the statement that 95% of the models have a freshened look. Sales grew for the company, last year, and in many classes of motorcycles outpaced the improvement of the industry at large. For example, in the 600cc sport market, Suzuki was up 20% over the 2013 model year. Additionally, Suzuki’s numbers in the 501cc–650cc class were up 21%, while the company claims the rest of the market was down 9%. In the 1301+ cc market, sales were up 22% with the industry down 4%. This should come as a relief to the dealers who are all too aware of the lean times that forced the company’s restructuring.

When it comes to the motorcycles, the news is good, too.

The V-Strom 650 XT ABS is an offshoot from the venerable Wee Strom, a bike Suzuki says is the best-selling model in the 650cc to 800cc dual-sport class. The 650 XT ABS gets updated styling with a new, beak-like front cowl, a three-position windscreen, “reversed spoke” wire wheels that allow tubeless tires, and a broader array of accessories that includes new saddlebags and a top case. The XT also gains crash bars to protect the bike in the event of a tip over out on a remote section of dirt road. The 32.9 in. seat height is relatively low for an adventure bike. The riding position is appropriately upright with the pegs in a good position for standing to absorb off-road bumps.

<>Full details on the XT</a> were covered during our Intermot reports, and we’ve now learned its American MSRP: $10,399.

Also unveiled at the dealer meeting was a new variant of the GW250 we recently tested in our 2014 Lightweight Naked Shootout. The GW returns with some new clothes and colors (Candy Cardinal Red / Pearl Nebular Black) plus a $100 price bump to $4,099, but the new news is that Suzuki is introducing the GW250F. Sharp-witted readers are sure to guess that the F stands for fairing. The new bodywork includes an upper and lower fairing which will undoubtedly expand the GW’s usability to cover a wider variance of temperatures and the ability to travel longer distances. This comes at a price of $4,499 in Pearl Nebular Black.

2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000

In case you weren’t sure, Suzuki is stoked to be back in MotoGP in 2015. How stoked? Enough to make the factory team livery an option for the 2015 GSX-R1000 (shown here), 750, and 600.


On the sporting side, all of the Special and Anniversary Editions have been discontinued (part of the simplification Hayasaki mentioned) the bulk of the remaining line returns unchanged with the exception of color and price – and the news in these two regards is pretty good. The announcement that garnered enthusiastic applause from the partisan crowd was that prices were lowered pretty much across the line. Additionally, the dealers were informed that their current inventory was price-protected, which means the dealers will be credited any additional money they paid for the higher-priced legacy models, thus keeping year old bikes from being more expensive than current models.

The Hayabusa returns unchanged – and that includes the $14,599 price – except for color options which are now Glass Sparkle Black / Metallic Thunder Gray and Pearl Vigor Blue / Metallic Mystic Silver. The GSX-R750 remains the company’s best-selling motorcycle, and the ‘Busa is number two.

2015 Suzuki GSX-R600

Here are the MotoGP colors shown from the front on a GSX-R600.

The GSX-R600 – and the rest of the supersport line – wear the Suzuki MotoGP livery in honor of the return of the manufacturer to the world’s premier class of motorcycle racing in 2015. Additionally, the GSX-R600 gets a change that’s sure to make buyers happy: a $500 price reduction, with its MSRP now set at $11,199.

For 2015 the GSX-R750’s color choices are Metallic Triton Blue / Pearl Glacier White , Glass Sparkle Black / Pearl Mira Red with an unchanged price of $12,299. The GSX-R1000’s only change for 2015 is the color selection of Pearl Mira Red / Metallic Matte Black; and Metallic Triton Blue. Price holds at $13,899.

The introduction of the GSX-S750 and the GSX-S1000 points to Suzuki’s continued commitment to the sport market with a renewed emphasis on the street instead of just the track.

2015 Suzuki GW250F

The fully-faired 2015 Suzuki GW250F offers everything the GW250 does and more. Like weather and wind protection.


On the standard side of the market, other than the new models mentioned above, color and price changes are the mode for 2015. The SFV650 gains a bright Pearl Vigor Blue / Pearl Glacier White color scheme and a $500 price reduction for a MSRP of $7,699. Another participant in our 2014 Lightweight Naked Shootout, the TU250X returns for 2015 with a new color, Metallic Mystic Silver / Glass Sparkle Black, and an old price, $4,399. The TU250X is not available in California.

2015 Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

If Suzuki hadn’t done such a good job with its remake of the V-Strom two years ago, we wouldn’t be seeing the XT adventure version for 2015. The base model V-Strom 650 ABS still looks pretty good, too.

Adventure/Dual Sport

The $12,699 V-Strom 1000 ABS is back in Glass Sparkle Black at the 2014 price. The V-Strom 1000 Adventure ABS returns in Pearl Glacier White for the same $13,999 MSRP as last year. The V-Strom 650 ABS enjoys two color options, Pearl Bracing White and Metallic Triton Blue, for 2014’s $8,549 price. Spending an additional $1,500 ($10,049), earns you the  V-Strom 650 Adventure ABS hard bag and crash guard package in Pearl Bracing White or Metallic Triton Blue. Adding another $350 gains the V-Strom the 650 XT designation and spoked tubeless wheels instead of the Adventure’s cast units.

2015 Suzuki DR-Z400S

Dual purpose bikes never seem to go out of style. Perhaps its because they are so utilitarian, as is this 2015 Suzuki DR-Z400S.

The DR650S wears two-tone Solid Special White No.2 / Solid Iron Gray as does the DR-Z400S for $6,499 and $6,599, respectively. The $4,499 DR200S makes a return appearance in either Champion Yellow or Solid Black. The only factory supermoto bike in Japanese production, the DR-Z400SM, remains for 2015 in Solid Special White / Solid Black at a $7,189 MSRP.

2015 Suzuki Boulevard M109

The 2015 Suzuki Boulevard M109 proves that you can wear white and still be a bad-ass.


The Suzuki cruiser lineup has been cut from nine models to seven with the M109 B.O.S.S. being the sole remaining M109 on the manifest. The good news is that the power cruiser is still a kick in the pants and gets the exciting Pearl Bracing White / Glass Sparkle Black; and Candy Daring Red / Glass Sparkle Black color combinations. The M109 B.O.S.S. retains its $14,999 MSRP.

The Boulevard C50, absent from last year, replaces the Boulevard C50 B.O.S.S. For $8,199 ($200 less than the last time the base C50 was sold in 2013) you can ride one away in either Glass Sparkle Black or Candy Daring Red. The Boulevard C50T also drops 200 bucks but gains a stately Glass Sparkle Black / Candy Dark Cherry Red two-tone paint job.

Dropping an astounding $1,000, the Boulevard C90 B.O.S.S. delivers 1462cc of Candy Dark Cherry Red attitude for $12,389. The Boulevard M50 gives two color choices, Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Glacier White, all for a $200 reduction of MSRP to $8,599. The Boulevard M90  returns in Pearl Glacier White and an unchanged price tag of $11,199. Even the Boulevard formerly known as the Savage, the S40, returns with a pleasant $200 off last year’s sticker, now retailing for $5,499.

2015 Suzuki DR-Z70

2015 Suzuki DR-Z70 returns to entice more generations of children into the joys of dirt riding.


Motocross fans are already familiar with the returning RM-Z450 and its Champion Yellow / Solid Black color scheme. The $8,749 price, however, is $100 higher than last year. The RM-Z250 retains its $7,599 price and Champion Yellow / Solid Black colors. The RM85 returns from a two-year absence in Champion Yellow for $4,099 which is $50 less than the previous list price.

Off-roaders will appreciate that the DR-Z125L has returned for the same price and color, $3,199 and Champion Yellow, respectively. Future off-road enthusiasts will get their start in the dirt aboard the DR-Z70 which is finally back in the fold after a long absence. Kids will like the flashy Champion Yellow No. 2 graphics, while grownups will be thankful for the $1,799 price tag.

2015 Suzuki RM-Z450

The 2015 Suzuki RM-Z450 is here, and it sure is yellow!

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