The latest Inside Indian Motorcycle video takes us behind the scenes and inside the Spirit Lake, Iowa, assembly plant to get a look at the people and processes behind some of North America’s best-selling motorcycles. If you thought these things were assembled by robots and automation, you’d be wrong. There are seriously dedicated human beings at work here – not just when the cameras are rolling – human beings with Indian tattoos, interesting facial hair and proud attitudes. When each new Indian gets to the end of the line, somebody says at the end of the video, “we know we’ve created a stellar product that’s going to last a lifetime.” Wait, is that any way to run a business?

Ex-MO Editor in Chief Kevin Duke is the man behind the vid, who tells us: “Indian is keen to demonstrate that the people building their motorcycles are fueled by a sense of pride for the brand and a personal passion for motorcycling, treating the bikes they work on as if they were their own. And that’s what we found when we visited Indian’s factory in Spirit Lake. We were pleased to speak with many workers who are authentic motorcycle enthusiasts, and they all spoke about how being fellow riders gives them extra motivation to build flawless Indian motorcycles.

“It was fascinating to see the meticulous paint facility and watch Chiefs and Scouts being built by hand in America’s heartland.” 

To view the full video, click the image below.

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