2021 Indian Models Announced Including Roadmaster Limited and Vintage Dark Horse

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Indian announced it initial batch of 2021 models including its touring, bagger and Scout models. Along with new color options for several motorcycles, the 2021 model year includes a new Roadmaster Limited, a new Vintage Dark Horse and a restyled Roadmaster Dark Horse. Not included in the announcement were the FTR 1200 and the Chief cruiser, but we expect further news from Indian in the weeks ahead.

For 2021, Indian offers the ClimaCommand heated and cooled seats as standard for the Roadmaster Dark Horse and Roadmaster Limited but as an optional accessory for the rest of the Thunderstroke lineup (model years 2014 through 2021 only). The climate controlled seat is now available in Classic or Rogue styles. For 2020-2021 Chieftain and Roadmaster models, the ClimaCommand seat is integrated with the Ride Command system.

Apple CarPlay is now standard for all 2021 Roadmaster, Chieftain and Challenger models with the Ride Command infotainment system.

Also new, as an accessory upgrade for most 2015-2021 Thunderstroke models, is the Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight. The lean-sensitive headlight activates up to 15 individual beams, adjusting the projection when leaning into corners. Roadmaster, Chieftain and Challenger models can also bupgrade to the Pathfinder S version which adds driving lights in addition to the adaptive light.

One minor but noticeable change for the Chieftain, Roadmaster, Springfield and Challenger models: the power buttons have moved from the dash to the handlebar switchgear to make room for a new 12-volt charging port.

Scout and Thunderstroke models are immediately available in dealerships while the Challenger models will ship in October.

2021 Indian Roadmaster Lineup

The Roadmaster Limited comes with a gloss paint, chrome finishes, open front fender, slammed saddlebags and the modern fairing with the sculpted design and air vent introduced on other models in 2018.

All 2021 Roadmaster models are powered by the air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 and comes with Metzeler Cruisetec tires, heated grips, a push-button adjustable windshield.

Missing in the lineup is the Roadmaster Elite, though that may be part of a later announcement.

Roadmaster Limited

The Roadmaster Limited is available in Crimson Metallic or Thunder Black Azure Crystal with a $30,749 price tag.

Roadmaster Dark Horse

The Roadmaster Dark Horse starts at $29,999 and comes in a choice of Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke or Bronze Smoke.


The Roadmaster comes in Thunder Black Pearl, Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic or Alumina Jade over Thunder Black. Pricing starts at $29,999.

2021 Indian Challenger Lineup

The newest family in Indian’s lineup returns for 2021 with the liquid-cooled 108ci PowerPlus engine, adjustable rear Fox shock and Brembo brakes. New this year is the accessory PowerBand Audio quick release trunk with amplified speaker kit. Indian claims a 50% increase in volume over the stock audio system when paired with the PowerBand Audio Plus system.

If you prefer your trunk to provide storage volume over audio volume, Indian introduces a new 17-gallon quick release trunk. With the two accessory trunk options, we figure it’s only a matter of time before Indian adds a full touring PowerPlus model to join the Challenger bagger.


The Challenger starts at $22,999 with a choice of Thunder Black or Titanium Smoke colors.

Challenger Dark Horse

Available in Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke or Bronze Smoke, the Challenger Dark Horse starts at $27,999.

Challenger Limited

The Challenger Limited also starts at $27,999 and will be offered in Thunder Black Pearl, Ruby Metallic, or Deepwater Metallic.

2021 Indian Vintage Lineup

For 2021, the Vintage is joined by a blacked out Dark Horse version. In addition to the matte-finish black paint and darkened engine, the Dark Horse comes with a black leather fringed saddlebags and a fringeless solo saddle. The Vintage Dark Horse does lose the regular Vintage’s quick release windshield. Both models are powered by the Thunderstroke 111 engine.

Not explicitly mentioned by Indian but somewhat notable: the Indian now refers to it as just the “Vintage” and not “Chief Vintage” as it has since its inception. Considering the Chief cruiser wasn’t included in today’s announcement (and was only available as a Dark Horse model the past few years), it’s possible the Chief is being dropped completely from Indian’s lineup, along with the name.


The 2021 Indian Vintage starts at $20,499 and is available in Crimson Metallic or Deepwater Metallic over Dirt Track Tan.

Vintage Dark Horse

The Vintage Dark Horse is only available in Thunder Black Smoke and. Priced at $19,499, it’s the only Dark Horse variant that’s priced below the regular version.

2021 Indian Chieftain Lineup

While the Chief is absent, the Chieftain remains in Indian’s lineup, but only in regular, Dark Horse and Limited versions. Not mentioned in today’s announcement are the Chieftain Elite and Chieftain Classic.

The Chieftain is powered by the Thunderstroke 111 V-Twin engine while the Dark Horse and Limited versions come with the larger 116 engine.

Indian Chieftain

The Chieftain starts at $21,999 and is available only in Thunder Black.

Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

The Chieftain Dark Horse is offered in Thunder Black Smoke, Ruby Smoke and Titanium Smoke, starting at $27,999.

Indian Chieftain Limited

Also starting at $27,999, the Chieftain Limited is offered in Thunder Black Pearl and Radar Blue.

2021 Indian Springfield Lineup

Indian Springfield

The Indian Springfield starts at $21,999 and comes win Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic or Thunder Black over Dirt Track Tan.

Indian Springfield Dark Horse

Starting at $22,499, the Springfield Dark Horse is available in Thunder Black Smoke, Sagebrush Smoke or White Smoke.

2021 Indian Scout Lineup

The 2021 Indian Scout lineup return in regular and Bobber forms, and with either the 1113cc engine or the smaller 1000cc motor. Along with fresh paint options, the Scout receives a number of accessories.

Indian Scout

The 1113cc Indian Scout starts at $11,499 and comes in a choice of Thunder Black, Deepwater Metallic, White Smoke or Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic.

Indian Scout Sixty

The 1000cc Scout Sixty starts at $8,999 and is available in Thunder Black or Ruby Metallic.

Indian Scout Bobber

Starting at $10,999, the 1113cc Scout Bobber is offered in Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke or Maroon Metallic Smoke.

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

Also powered by the 1113cc engine, the Scout Bobber Twenty starts at $11,999 with a choice of Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Stealth Gray or Sagebrush Smoke.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

The 1000cc Scout Bobber Sixty is available in Thunder Black, Thunder Black S,moke, Blue Slate Smoke or Titanium Metallic, with pricing starting at $8,999.

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