Husqvarna Norden 901 Adventure Bike Concept -

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Husqvarna Norden 901 Adventure Bike Concept

  • Husqvarna revealed an adventure bike concept called the Norden 901. If that alone wasn’t enough to get our juices flowing, there’s the fact the Norden is based around our Motorcycle-of-the-Year winner, the KTM 790 Adventure R.

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    Husqvarna didn’t exactly come right out and say that, it’s clear from looking at the engine, the frame and the 790 ADV’s distinct low-slung fuel tank that the Norden shares much of its DNA beneath the rally bike styling.

    For the Norden, Husqvarna increased the KTM bike’s 799cc engine 889.5cc, a change the orange brand is already making with its new 890 Duke R. For the Norden, the engine has been tuned specifically to suit adventure touring needs.

    The Norden being a concept, Husqvarna hasn’t released much detail about specifications. Husqvarna says the Norden strikes a perfect balance between “off-road performance and touring ability,” while also claiming class-leading lightness, which would mean coming in lighter than the 790 Adventure’s claimed 366-pound dry weight.

    Husqvarna also reveals the Norden 901 is equipped with WP suspension and runs on a 21-inch front wheel and a 19-inch rear wheel.

    From the photos, we see what looks like dual TFT color screens, with the top screen showing a compass, and a tachometer on the lower screen completing the compass’ circular shape. Between the display and the handlebars we see a small panel bearing the USB symbol, obviously hinting at a USB port.

    The concept is shown carrying a pair of soft saddlebags and a tail bag designed specifically for the Norden.

    At the moment, the Norden 901 is just a concept, but it’s safe to assume that Husqvarna has plans to put this adventure bike into production.

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