Husaberg Motorcycles

Husaberg constitutes a part of Sweden’s great racing tradition. The list of famous pilots who rode a Husaberg sounds like a Who-is-Who in Motorsports: Joel Smets, Jimmie Eriksson, Walter Bartolini, Kent Karlsson and Anders Eriksson. Although the bikes are assembled at the mother company KTM now, the uniqueness of a Husaberg still hasn't changed, and production has improved with access to ISO-approved quality control and modern series production systems.

2005 Husaberg Super Moto Test -

Like all things odd, the French adopted Motard racing as their own after it was abandoned by our throw-away culture. It caught on throughout Europe, with almost every major manufacturer making these hybrid machines.

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2010 Husaberg FE570 Review -

Husaberg quality control and manufacturing ability began to improve when the company was purchased by KTM. KTM-spec parts began to appear on the ’Bergs with greater regularity. Last year Husaberg engineers went all out to teach the world a lesson in mass centralization. By flipping around a whole bunch of KTM-sourced engine parts, then wrapping their creation in a new-age frame, Husaberg managed to create a big-bore thumper that behaved like a little one.

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2011 Husaberg FX450 Review -

The Husaberg is powered by what is essentially a KTM engine that has been folded, turned around and contorted to meet the engineers’ goals of mass centralization. The heaviest parts of the Husaberg engine, like the crankshaft, are located where they should have the least effect on handling. The oddities don’t stop with the pretzel shaped engine either. The Husaberg line features plastic subframes, a front mounted airbox and a unique steel frame. KTM provides the WP suspension components, and in the case of the FX450 they are off the KTM XC line. The rear shock doesn’t use a linkage but has different valving and reservoir placement than a KTM shock.

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