2015 EICMA: Honda CB4 Concept

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Honda revealed a couple of concepts based on its 650 models at the 2015 EICMA show. Pictured here is the CB4, a naked roadster, which was joined by the CB Six50 scrambler. No official information was released, as they appear to be a simply design exercises from Honda R&D Europe and unlikely to develop into a production model (but we can hope!).

The CB4 concept is equipped with the 649cc Inline-Four powering both the CB650F and CBR650F with the same gorgeous cascade of four header pipes. Instead of the production models’ single underslung exhaust, the pipes end in a pair of stacked exhaust cans with carbon fiber heat shielding.

The frame, subframe and footpeg mounts also appear to be identical as the one on the CB650F but that’s where the similarities between the two naked models end. The 650F’s bodywork was replaced with a pair of large air scoops and a carbon fiber radiator guard.

The machined triple clamps frame a circular LED headlight, which matches the round instrument panel and bar-end mirrors. The upside-down fork appear to be the same as the one on the CBR600RR, as are the radial-mount Tokico calipers, though they are painted red on the CB4. The red matches the coil on the rear shock which suspends the CB4’s single-sided swingarm.

At the moment, the CB4 remains a styling exercise, but who knows what Honda may do if it draws enough interest.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • BoxerFanatic BoxerFanatic on Nov 19, 2015

    As the former owner of an NT650 Honda Hawk GT, I can recognize this bike from a mile away.

    This is the re-incarnation of a single bike melded together from said Hawk GT (aluminum spar frame, ELF single-sided swingarm, tucked-under short-right-exit exhaust) and the CB1 that sat in showrooms next to it, with a moderate-displacement DOHC inline-4 engine, and similar sporty-standard ergos, and no fairing.

    I say 'sat in showrooms', because those bikes, nor their sister GB500 retro bike making the triplet, failed to sell under the over-arching shadow of the CBR-600F Hurricane in the late 1980s, and all were cancelled by the first year or so of the 1990s.

    It may also succeed the Honda 599/Hornet, but not as directly as the aluminum chassis components and the emphasis on visual design echo the Hawk GT. Hornet was a budget-stripped steel-framed step back from CBR600F*, but unfortunately forgot the "budget-stripped" bit when it came to MSRP, and ended up costing too much money. Suzuki SV650 took the marketshare from the previous Hawk GT owners, and the 599 by being more affordable and a better bike.

    I still wish this Honda concept had a V-twin, but i'll be impressed if Honda builds the thing at all. That and the NeoWing concept. They make me want to like Honda again, but they are still vaporware like the NAS1000 Concept was, until they show up on dealer showroom floors.

    • Yanni Kollias Yanni Kollias on Jan 04, 2016

      Your absolutely right about the "budget-stripped" part. Honda also seemed to fail in the segment with the cbr650f. Great looking bike, plenty fast but when you have other competitors like Yamaha and kawasaki who priced their bikes (of same category) a lot less Honda missed out. What I fear the most with many concept bikes/cars is that they show off this beautiful work of art at a motor show but when production comes its nothing but bare bones and makes you want to slap the person responsible. Yamaha on the other hand really did their homework on MT07-FZ07 and the XSR700 and 900. Awesome bikes and cheap too. One thing I can say about Honda is that they definitely leave room for owners to customize and modify the bike on how they see it fit. Honda just needs to improve on their marketing skills a little and I think they may have a winner. Lets hope this CB4 will be a grand slam... soon. It would surely make Yamaha break a sweat!

  • Yanni Kollias Yanni Kollias on Jan 04, 2016

    I see some queues from Ducati Diavel and Yamaha Vmax. This bike would really take on the FZ07-MT07 and the Ninja 650. In Europe many consumers are aiming towards the 650-800 displacement simply because they are more affordable, light weight, and easy to maneuver and don't burn much fuel. Also bikes like this are so much easier to service too.