2012 Honda Fury Vs. 2011 Yamaha Star Stryker [Video]

Dain Gingerelli
by Dain Gingerelli
Dain Gingerelli
Dain Gingerelli

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  • Pappy Pappy on Jul 19, 2023

    I find the honda fury to be the ugliest pos on the planet! A terrible attempt at trying to give numbnuts that actually purchase it some kind of bad boy street cred. Absolutely hideous! I actually rode it an ts a terrible bike from ride, braking, to acceleration. Honda should scrap this as soon as possible! Yamaha raiders an strykers beat it hands down in every category. Some reviews portray strykers an raiders as ugly but they must be getting paid off cause the fury really sucks in every category including looks!

  • Chris Chris on Apr 18, 2024

    Taste is so subjective, as is the reasons why people buy one bike over another. I find the Fury to be elegant. I love the lines of the tank, the swept-out forks. It is a bike that is meant to be looked at. The Stryker is more of a rider's bike - faster, more nimble, more compact. Given the fact that "new" Strykers cost significantly less than "new" Furys, it is also interesting to see that re-sale prices of similar year models are more or less identical, indicating that Strykers hold their value better or are more desireable for re-sale. I like them both and can't decide which way to go!