Top 10 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Gas prices are soaring. Rent and home prices are through the roof. Doctor bills are enough to give you a heart attack. There’s no doubt, the cost of living is going up. Belt-tightening is a must for all of us, so if you can save money on motorcycle insurance, you should.

As with any kind of insurance, calculating the cost of motorcycle insurance is a matter of risk and protection. A mid-range policy for a customer in his or her mid-40s who is married and owns property in a decent neighborhood could run anywhere from $250 to $1000 a year. The 21-year-old with a bad driving record who buys a Gixxer? Well, he’s going to pay more – far more.

Motorcyclists all pay different rates depending on a variety of factors, but there are ways to get the most for your money, or even lower the amount you pay now. The basic formula says the older you are, the better your driving record, the longer you’ve had your motorcycle license, the less flashy and speedy your bike and the less expensive and risky it is to cover damages in your area, then the less you’ll pay for insurance.

But there are things any rider can do to alleviate the squeeze. Here in no particular order are our Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance.