Some people ride motorcycles to be seen. You know the kind, they pull up at Bike Night on their super-expensive bike with their matching motorcycle “outfit.” For these people, a motorcycle is just an accessory in their endless quest to attract attention. Then there are motorcyclists. They know that making sure you’re seen is an important part of riding a motorcycle. And we’re not referring to the “look at me while I ride this motorcycle” type of posing. Instead, the message real motorcyclists are trying to send is “Look at me. I’m riding a motorcycle, and I am entitled to this space in this lane.”

Conspicuity is an important part of maintaining your longevity in motorcycling. The best way to make sure you’re around to ride tomorrow is to make sure that the drivers of four-wheelers notice you out on the road. What follows are 10 ways to make sure the driving public is aware of your presence on a bike. For fun, we’ve tossed in a couple red herrings. So, pay attention, and remember, there is a test later – out on the mean streets.