You’ll get no arguments here on the merits of a new Honda sportbike or Harley-Davidson cruiser. However, owning and working on a piece of motorcycle history is an awesome (though sometimes frustrating) experience. If you’ve got a vintage motorcycle in your garage that’s doing nothing but taking up space, our restoration articles may just inspire you to get to work fixing up your old ride.

1917 Henderson Four Bike Test

The year is 1917, and a young American road racer by the name of Alan Bedell, affectionately known as "the stalwart Californian," is sat astride a Henderson four-cylinder motorcycle in Los Angeles, California.

Master Restorer Bob Davis

Inventor, bike restorer, welder and all-around bike nut, Bob Davis, has a colorful history with motorcycles. Read Paul Garson's story to get the full picture.

Come Forth, Lazarus!

The "motorcycles and scooters" for sale listing is an amazing thing, with far more bikes listed for sale by private sellers than any other classified ad site I've seen. (Cycletrader has tens of thousands of ads, but the great majority of them are dealersh

Motorcycle Restoration, The Art of Motion

Motorcycle restoration is in many ways the perfect hobby, melding an interest in things mechanical, the joy of craftsmanship, the satisfaction of collecting, the excitement of riding and the value of investment. Deciding where to start is the hard part...

Modifications to the Henning Honda CB500

What exactly did Kenny Augustine do to a mild-mannered Honda CB450 engine to turn it in to the Daytona-winning Henning Honda CB500? "We started out with a 2- item Honda CB450 wish list that I made up," says Augustine.

Classic Rebuild: 1972 Harley-Davidson FLH

It all began with a desire to get a basket case. This is not an unusual desire these days, not with waiting lists and sky-high prices for some of the more popular Harley-Davidson models.

Project Royal Star

In 1996 Yamaha set forth on a bold experiment, introducing their all-new Royal Star into the large-displacement cruiser market where retro style and image were perfected and V-twin powerplants rule.