Motorcycle GPS Guides

If you're the type that likes to explore new places and see new things on your motorcycle, a GPS from our Buyer's Guide can help you find your way. A good GPS will tell you how far you have to go, how long it will take you to get there and how to avoid traffic along the way. You can plan your entire trip with a GPS, including food and gas stops, lodging and shopping. A GPS makes your trip a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Best Motorcycle GPS Units to Help Find Your Way

Adding a motorcycle GPS to your riding repertoire can expand your horizons beyond your imagination. There are products on the market to suit every rider’s needs, whether off-road, on-road, or adventure. All the units covered here are specific motorcycle GPS products or units otherwise lend themselves very well to use on a bike. Your typical automotive GPS units aren’t built to the same standard as motorcycle GPS units and the often harsh environments we find ourselves in. While it’s important to compare features of the units themselves, two key elements to maximizing the benefit of motorcycle GPS units are the mapping products available and the computer or mobile device user interface. As you get deeper into this technology, you will find yourself spending more time on your mobile device or computer laying out your next ride, exploring with Google Earth, and ultimately, downloading and editing tracks you’ve actually recorded on the ground. Choosing a motorcycle GPS with the type of maps you want and the pre- and post-ride user environment are key considerations before purchasing a specific unit.

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