Videos pitting motorcycles against cars on the race track aren’t particularly new. It seems every now and then, someone gets the unoriginal idea of filming a race between a shiny new sportbike against a equally shiny and new sports car as if the resulting video will do what the other 823,000 clips on YouTube failed to do and finally settle the matter.

This week’s video is another chapter in this apples vs. oranges motorcycles vs. cars debate, but with a twist: Lego! A Korean Lego enthusiast going by the name Ppung Daddy assembled the new Lego Technic 42036 Street Motorcycle kit, equipping it with a pair of training wheels, an electric motor and remote control. He then put together a Lego Technic 42039 Le Mans-style race car kit and equipped it with a pair of motors and a similar remote control. After that, he took the next logical step and took both assembled vehicles to a running track and drag raced them. This is what happened:

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Read a more detailed (albeit, written in Korean) description of the Technic 42036 motorcycle build or the Technic 42039 car build on Ppung Daddy’s KBrick blog.