It’s always a bit disconcerting when you’re riding along and suddenly spy something flying directly towards you. Whether it’s a piece of litter, an insect, or perhaps a piece of gravel falling off a dump truck, the first instinct is to try to dodge, but if you’re moving too fast, you can only hope it’ll leave nothing but a small smear without scratching the paint.

But what if that piece of debris was a metal license plate coming loose from the motorcycle ahead and flying toward you like a government-certified ninja star? That’s what happened in this week’s video when a loose plate strikes and impales another rider’s Honda CBR954RR.

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The Honda rider was lucky the plate hit his fairing and not him; armored or not, he could have been seriously injured in this freak accident. If that was me, the first thing I’d do after making sure I wasn’t hurt was check to see if I had soiled myself.