Take the Hi-Tech Motorcycle QUIZ!

John Burns
by John Burns
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take the hi tech motorcycle quiz

Soon, our motorcycles will be so advanced they’ll be able to go for a ride while we stay on the couch, like the autonomous GS BMW showed in Las Vegas a couple months ago. I should probably call this one the “Hi-Tech Modern Motorcycle Quiz”, because you know somebody’s standing by to point out the Scott Flying Squirrel had all these features in 1929. Listen, we’re more like the NPR quiz show where the questions have been carefully researched but the answers have not. The research department is 90% me, and I haven’t got days, alright? Give it a shot and complain when it’s over, why don’t you? For at least one of these questions, there are at least two correct answers. As always, the images may be there to help or deceive. Work that brain! Ward off dementia! Okay, go.

John Burns
John Burns

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