Segway Dirt EBike X160 And X260 Announced At SEMA

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

Intended to occupy the space between dirt bikes and mountain bikes

In the neither fish nor fowl department at SEMA this week, Segway has announced the Dirt eBike X160 and X260, which the company lists as a hybrid between a dirt and mountain bike. However, the inclusion of pegs instead of pedals places it exclusively in the lightweight dirt bike market, in our MOpinion. Segway appears to be gunning for more: “Its standard customizable design allows for most motorcycle-level modifications and meets all requirements necessary to be considered a performance electric dirt bike.“ In other press materials, Segway states that it is clearly looking towards entry-level riders.

Segway Dirt eBike X160

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The features we find most interesting in the X160 and X260 are the swappable batteries, the 31.1/46.6 mph (X160/X260) top speeds, the 40.4/74.6 mile range, and the 162.2/184.3 lb-ft torque claims. To our eyes, the componentry appears to live in the space between mountain bikes and dirt bikes. We hope to get a chance to test these bikes next year. It will be interesting to see what the Segway X160 and X260 delivers with its first foray into the off-road world.

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Retail pricing is expected to be approximately $4499.99 for the Dirt eBike X260 and $2999.99 for the Dirt eBike X160. Both will be available for consumers in Q1 2020.

Begin Press Release:

Segway-Ninebot Expands into New Market Category with the Introduction of Segway Dirt eBike

Company showcases their first all mountain electric dirt bike and popular Ninebot Gokart at SEMA transportation event

November 5, 2019 – LAS VEGAS – Segway-Ninebot, a leading technology company in the global intelligent short-distance transportation and robotic service industries, is introducing the Segway Dirt eBike at SEMA, the automotive specialty products show in Las Vegas November 5-8, 2019.

This will be the first public showcase for the Segway Dirt eBike and marks a significant expansion into a new market category: Powersports. Making two versions available, the Dirt eBike X160 and X260 are Segway’s first electric powersports products that are a hybrid between a dirt and mountain bike that offer a superior off-road experience. This week at EICMA 2019, the company has also debuted three new hybrid off-road products in the following categories ATV, UTV, SSV to build out their new Segway Powersports business unit. This, along with the new Dirt eBike is an expansion of the Segway mobility portfolio, and showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and product creation over the last 20 years.

The company is leveraging robotics, AI, cloud-based technologies and their 1000+ patent protected Segway self-balancing technology in order to build a diverse ecosystem of micro-mobility products that serve to redefine the future of short-distance transportation. The Dirt eBike falls under Segway’s line of personal products, including other popular micro-mobility solutions such as the Ninebot Kickscooter and Ninebot GoKart Kit.

On why entering the field of Powersports, Luke Gao, CEO of Segway-Ninebot, explained, “In the past two decades, Segway has been developing world-class self-balancing Personal Transporters (PT) and electric scooters used in multiple different industries. We are hoping to break our boundaries in product creations celebrating our mission of ‘innovation and exploration’. With the expertise in technology and industrial design, the PowerSports line may just be that dream come true. It is created not only to make our riders’ exploration more fun and fearless but also to stand for a groundbreaking moment for the Segway brand as well.”

“Our core focus is to create innovative transportation solutions that will help people move around their communities – including solutions for the urban dweller and outdoor adventurer,” said Julie Tang, Marketing Director at Segway. “The popularity of electric vehicles has made its way to the biking segment and we are proud to meet the growing eco-conscious consumer demands by introducing Segway Dirt eBike, our first product focused solely on the outdoor consumer who wants a rugged and high performance dirt biking experience.”

Dirt eBike is compact, lightweight, cost efficient and easy to maintain for entry level riders. Since the audience for dirt bikes is broad, the product is enabling more people to experience exciting off-road adventures that formerly were beyond reach. Compared to traditional gas dirt bikes, Segway Dirt eBike takes full advantage of its electric powered construction resulting in lighter weight without sacrificing performance. Two versions will be available; the major differences are size and driving range. The X260 is a larger bike and has a greater off road mileage range (74.6 miles versus the X160’s 40.4 miles); both Dirt eBikes allow users to personalize their bikes with standard motor parts.

For product specs and key features for X260 and X160 see this link . Retail pricing for the new Segway Dirt eBikes will be the following: X160 for $2,999.99 and the X260 for $4,499.99. Product availability for consumers will be in Q1 2020.

In 2018, Segway launched three products including Ninebot Gokart Kit on Indiegogo crowdfunding site with record breaking funding exceeding more than $3.5 million. In July 2019, Segway-Ninebot again revolutionized urban mobility space with its Ninebot Kickscooter MAX campaign, exceeding more than $4 million. Riding on this campaign success, there will be an Indiegogo campaign for Segway Dirt eBike that kicks off November 25. Sign ups start the first day of SEMA, November 5, that includes early-bird deals of up to $500.

At SEMA, there will also be a miniature race track for event attendees to experience first-hand the future of transportation with the Segway Dirt eBike and Ninebot Gokart. Visit Segway’s Outdoor Experience Track located in outdoor booth #80001 at Westgate Hotel Lot and more products will be available in indoor booth #51123 at Performance Pavilion located next to the Las Vegas Convention Center of the South Hall.

About Segway-Ninebot

Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the fields of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. In 1999, Segway was established in Bedford, NH, the US, which is the world leader in commercial-grade, electric, self-balancing personal transportation. Ninebot is an intelligent short-distance transportation equipment operator integrating R&D, production, sales, and service, established in Beijing, 2012.

As Segway and Ninebot completed their strategic combination in 2015, Segway-Ninebot came into being. Today, the company’s businesses are all around the world and have subsidiaries in Beijing, Seattle, Bedford, Amsterdam, Seoul, Singapore, Munich, Changzhou, and Tianjin, selling products in more than 80 countries and regions. With world-renowned intellectual property, Segway-Ninebot will create more products that will lead the users and the entire industry into the future.

Evans Brasfield
Evans Brasfield

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    Available in Australia? Price A$?

  • James Drysdale James Drysdale on Dec 23, 2019

    This isn't Segway's idea/engineering/etc...Segway is just a re-seller. For those interested, and wold like to save a couple grand on one, go with the Sur-Ron - they have been available for a while now.