Kawasaki is building hype around its new, and potentially groundbreaking, Ninja H2 sportbike with a series of short videos. Each one highlights a certain aspect about the bike, and last week’s third teaser video was an audible delight, as we got to hear the supercharger discharge get expelled every time the throttle was closed.

To say the H2 is hotly anticipated around these parts is more than just an understatement. Now, however, with the release of this, the fourth teaser video, we can’t stop drooling over the thing. Starting with an homage to bullet-fast Ninjas throughout the decades, this video shows a silhouette of the upcoming H2 and we like what we see.

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The compact, yet stylized curves of the bike lend a very aggressive stance, but the especially sharp-looking nose section looks ripe to cut through the air. There also appears to be a chin-spoiler-type device, possibly for downforce, which also lends to the image that this bike is going to be extremely quick. The stubby tail, slim gas tank and slick tires give the aura as if this bike is positioned to have ZX-14-like speed with ZX-10-like agility and corner carving ability. Whatever it is, we can’t wait to ride it. Tell us what you think of this latest teaser video below, and stay tuned for teaser video number five on September 11.

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