Atwyld: Inspired by the Void and Built for the Voyage

Brent Jaswinski
by Brent Jaswinski

By moto-chicks, for moto-chicks. Sorry, fellas...

Atwyld is a motorcycle gear and apparel brand by women, for women, and they make some really nice fashion-forward gear that’s not only stylish – both on and off the bike – but is fully functional in the protection department, too. It’s built to withstand really anything you ladies, or the road can throw at it, and it’s all made here in the U.S.

Atwyld was founded and created by three moto-babes Anya Violet, Jaime Dempsey and Corinne Lan Franco, all of whom ride both on- and off-road on the reg. After years of riding in non-moto leather jackets and pants, plus a spill or two that made them realize this type of gear wasn’t cutting it, the three decided they had the vision and resources to create a brand they say was “inspired by the void and built for the voyage.” And so, Atwyld was created.

It all started with their Alltime Moto Jacket ($650) and Shred Moto Jeans ($389). | Photo: Sterling Reed

You won’t find Atwyld in the dictionary, and for those wondering, it’s a name they created meant to represent the single moment that exists between fear and thrill; the moment when you’re on the absolute edge of your comfort zone and your adrenaline is pumping. To them, the thrill of riding motorcycles is about reaching this Atwyld moment as often as possible. And no, it’s not about riding recklessly or beyond their means… but rather pushing their own limits, challenging themselves and reaping the empowering rewards that come with it. As motorcyclists – male or female – this is something we can all relate to, because after all, motorcycling is dangerous – we know this – but it’s all part of the rush that makes it so much fun.

The Shred Moto Jeans.

Not to beat a tired, old cliché, but I think we can agree that life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone – anything less is just routine – and that feeling of doing or conquering something you didn’t think you were capable of is awesomely gratifying. Exhilarating even. These girls weren’t so sure about what they were getting themselves into when they decided to create Atwyld, but at this point, I’m sure if you asked any of them if they’re glad they did, the resounding answer would be yes.

The three girls do it all themselves, including all the design work, merchandising, production, etc. – pretty much everything except for the actual manufacturing. It all started with their Alltime Moto Jacket, and since has evolved with the addition of other jackets, riding pants, jeans, overalls, technical fleeces, hoodies, jumpers, jerseys, t-shirts, etc. You name it, and they’ve probably got it, and almost all of it incorporates some sort of additional protection or abrasion resistance. The most impressive transition and announcement they’ve made recently, though, is the release of their off-road Atwyld X Lab collection in which they collaborated with Shift on. The gear is definitely more robust than typical off-road or motocross gear, and it also features certain functional as well as stylistic elements you wouldn’t usually find on traditional off-road riding gear, either.

The Atwyld X Lab Pant is more durable than your typical MX pant.

Some of these differences include, durable Cordura Nylon with stretch enhancing T400 Lycra all throughout the body of the pant, as well as leather quilting for superior abrasion resistance in high-impact areas like the waist and knee. Additionally, there are two pockets out back, a zippered one in front and a traditional style belt. On top of that, these off-road pants were actually designed to be able to be used on the street with taller type boots too, if their owners so desired. The whole ensemble comes complete with a matching jersey, helmet and gloves.

We know the majority of our readers are guys, so a lot of this information (if you’re still reading at this point) doesn’t really pertain to you, but if you have a girlfriend, wife or significant other, check it out for them. Odds are there will be something Atwyld offers – for either on or off the bike – that will catch their eye.

Ashley Fiolek pouring the coal on to that Husky in the Atwyld X Lab gear set. | Photo: Derrick Busch

Motorcycling is a way of life for the Atwyld girls, and it encompasses more than just riding. It’s about passion, adventure, travel, risk taking, personal triumph, camaraderie, and becoming one with nature and the world. So check out their website, guys, your girlfriends/wives/SOs will thank you for it.

More info as well as all their products can be found on their website ATWYLD.COM.

Holeshot Jersey ($70). | Photo: Phamuelphoto
Brent Jaswinski
Brent Jaswinski

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    MMM, moto-babes in leather. Now this is the type of women-centric article with women proprietors I can sink my teeth into. You go girls!