Unfortunately MO did not make it to the fastest road in the Mohave on the 27 and 28th of April for AHRMA’s rounds 7 and 8, but our friend Mike Worshum did, and sent us a few photos of motorcycles that grabbed his attention (while he was busy working), of which there are about a bazillion at every American Historical Racing Motorcycle event. That’s Yoshi Kosaka in the lead photo, owner of the Garage Company in Los Angeles, and sponsor of the annual Corsa Motoclassica bike competition, which happens in conjunction with the AHRMA event.

Mike Worshum (left) and Steve Biganski built many a cool moto – Mike working for Erion Honda in the glory days and Steve on the famed Ienatsch TZ250 among many others… including my own Honda RS125 for my glorious 13th place finish at Laguna Seca in ?? `93? Hah! Oh, that’s the XR69 replica Carry Andrew built for Colin Edwards to race at the huge Australian vintage event earlier this year. Mark Miller rode the bike at Willow, he’s feverishly typing up a report now.

And here’s the infamous Carry Andrew on his KZ1000.

Chris Redpath of MotoGP Werks fame finished his own XR replica. Stunning craftsmanship as always…

Every AHRMA event is also a big swap meet, and you never know what or who will show up in the desert.

Dang, are third-gen GSX-Rs vintage already? This is Chis Bush winning “Next Gen Superbike.”

Nate Kern on his Sound of Thunder R nineT.

CJ Bonura on a CBsomething.

All for now, more to come as we rattle a few more people’s cages. Full race results are here. Thanks for the pics, Mike!

Be advised that the Budweiser Balcony is now BYOB. Worth it though, as you can see the whole 2.5-mile track from up there.