2005 AZ Bike Week

Last weekend I took a little scoot on over to Arizona from Los Angeles (an 1,100+ mile loop in 36 hours,) for a sampler of this year's AZ bike week, held in Scottsdale. The week-long event ends this weekend (April 10th) with a much larger party. So, if you're in need of a destination to ride this weekend, AZ is the place to be! Those attending for their second year, tell me that this was the weaker of weekends.

Evidently, the big crowds will show up mid-week and the party swells to the finale on the last weekend... better news for you!

What you see here, are a few sights and words about both the ride itself, and the 2005 Electra Glide Classic I rode there. Roadside attractions and gas stops, biker bars and demo rides... the journey IS the destination. You still have time to Ride Free, so get out there!

Bull riding, Sportbike rides, Ladies nights, Flat track racing, Poker runs, Texas Hold'em Championship Poker Series, Pro/Am Motocross - Off Road - Drag Racing - Freestyle MX & Super Motard races, Charities, Silent Auctions, Concerts, Contests, Demos, hobos and much much more to say and do while in Scottsdale this weekend! Enjoy the ride!

I spent quite a bit of time contemplating life on this solo trip, these are some of the random thoughts and jingles that pranced through my head:

* Crazy little thing called love (yes, that Queen) this riding the Arizona roads in spring's warm and sweet closing days.

* Add the onboard stereo to the mix and I feel like I've eaten both the cake and Edith too, grand!

* I'm so relaxed and happy, that I don't even mind riding the speed limit this time.

* I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around... Route 66 is still on my horizon and the sun sets before my eyes.

* Lord I was born a travellin man' - Seeger

* Write down to the rhythm, Write down the Road Right as rain, I do love the AZ plains.

* Remembering the Vets and Honoring the Fallen. Riding for Charity, and loving it for ourselves. Travel is life.

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