2003 Fast Dates Calendar Motorcycle Show

The two day Fast Dates event went down at the Queen Mary Event Park in   Long Beach, CA last weekend and featured 140 Exhibitors ranging from apparel and parts hawkers to custom bike builders including Ron Sims, Paul Yaffe, Harold Pontarelli, Chica Custom Choppers, Mike Powers, and MGS Customs to name a few.

Always fun to see how far the concept of a motorcycle can be distorted and still be a motorcycle. Some personal faves included the 3D effects on the dollar bill bike, and the very 3D effects on the bent-over girl bike.

Talk about takin' her for a ride!

Kudos to Vaughn for the eight-minute model shootout video below!
Jessie and his brood...
That paintjob is like a bad trip, man, a bad trip...
The Performance Machine Best of Show Trophy went to defending champ, Jessie Rooke for his hardtail custom "Rockett", styled after a classic 50's bicycle and featuring his now trademark "Single Sided" suspension. Jesse's personal touches on the 120 ci Merch/Nasi powered moto-bike-cycle included an under-the-seat gas tank to maintain the retro bicycle look of the machine, an oil tank hidden in the swingarm, and a retro style bicycle front fork spring. We were told that Jessie built this distinctive bike from scratch in just 6 weeks before the show, working non stop day and night to get the job done. Methinks Jesse might have watched one episode too many of Monster Garage.

There was also a truly pitiful Horsepower Dyno Shootout. When I walked over, they had just taken a stock GSXR off the dyno and were rolling up a stock Warrior. Zzzzzz. What did grab my attention, however, was the SB2 Supermoto Nationals featuring a truly studly array of talent including Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Mike Metzger, Danny LaPorte and others attacking both asphalt and dirt with equally heaping helpings of disrespect. Madness, madness I tell you! These man-gods are not of this earth!

Speaking of madness, there was also the Calendar Girl Pageant which did little to contribute to my mental stability. So for those of you clamoring for some babe shots, here's your fix. You're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to spend some quality alone time with my 2004 Fast Dates calendar.

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