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Steadman's Reviews Write A Review

Jake Simms (I visited this Dealer)
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May. 25, 2017
I recently went into steadmans to buy a Honda fury and it was on there website for 6999.00$ when I got there they told me the bike was 7500$ I said it say 6999 on website and so I told them I drive from salt lake to buy this bike and they jack price up more the saying "it's 300 miles out here but only 30 minutes back " should say " it's 300 miles and 500 more dollars when you get here it not my fault they missed printed the add this place is a joke
Joe Blow (I am a Customer)
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May. 18, 2013
I too have gone to Steadmans multiple times and left with a bad taste in my mouth. When I was looking to purchase my first bike, I went there, walked around the showroom and waited patiently for someone to ask if I needed help. I finally had to go FIND a salesman to help me. Then, the salesman told me he had to find some information on the bike I was looking at, took my name and number, said he'd call me as soon as he had the info. He never did call me, I had to call him numerous times over the next few days, most of those calls not returned. It didn't really seem to me that they wanted the sale that badly, so I went somewhere else. Then, I wanted to get my bike serviced the following year before my first ride. They wanted way too much money and they said they'd have to keep the bike for a few weeks. Once again, I ended up going somewhere else. In my opinion, Steadmans customer service is very poor and I'd rather drive to Salt Lake then have to try to deal with them again.
Travis (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 21, 2012
Went to Steadman's to have my dirt bike worked on. I ordered sprockets and a chain and asked them to clean the carb and jet it and install the sprockets sand chain. When I picked up the bike, two weeks later the sockets and chain were not done. I went in and talked to the service manager and he looked up the order and sure enough it was on the work order and then he looked on his parts table and there they were. I had to wait for them to put them on. Last week I went riding and my bike was not tuned, it was still bogging down in first and second. It was clear that they just sprayed some carb cleaner in the carbarator and called it good. I called them back and was polite and explained the situation. The manager started making excuses and said it probably was not on the work order... and then I told him about the issue I had when i picked it up with the sprockets not being replaced... it still said well if the parts didn't tell service and won't get done. I told him that I told the service manager after I ordered the parts. Now I am very upset cause they refuse to take any accountability for their negligence. I will never go there again. I gone there 3 time for different stuff and 2 of the three were bad experiences. I would avoid this shop, they just don't care about the customer.
Brian Miller (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 04, 2012
I called about a used polaris 170.The salesman thought it was sold but he took my number and said he would call and let me one way or the other.He never called back ,so I called again the next day and the salesman took my number again and said he would check on it and call me right back.Not susprisingly he never called.I stopped in and talked to him the next day and he was for sure going to find out and call me.I told him if it was sold I would buy a new one.He said they had 2 still in crates outback and he quoted my an out the door price.HE never called back.After this I ended up buying a new one from a Utah county dealer.His price was $59.00 more but I was tired of being jacked around by Steadmans