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Performance East Inc Reviews Write A Review

Dickey Potts (I am a Customer)
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Jun. 29, 2017
Bought a 2016 Seadoo RXP 300 from performance east on 6-17-17. the ski had 9 hours on it so I thought I was getting basically a new ski for $1400 less than a new ski. Boy was I wrong. I did NOT thoroughly inspect the ski front to back before purchasing because it was a ski with ONLY 9 hours on it AND I trusted performance east...big mistake. Once I got the ski home and started washing all the armor all off they had applied I noticed the seadoo sticker missing from bottom of hull on left side. it had 2 burn spots on inside of floor board on same side, one that bubbled the paint. The right side of the ski the side bumper had been pulled off causing ripples in the bumper from the 2 sided tape holding it and it was put back on without any tape just to bounce around freely. At least one of the back corner bumpers had been removed and replaced. The dealership installed a riva racing scom ( speed control override module) on the ski it was not wired up properly so no idea what if any damage that has done yet. They ski came with a used 2016 Triton trailer that looks as if it had been sitting in or around salt water for it's entire was the same price as a new one $1100. It appears that oil or something has been spilled in the hull under the engine at this point I have no idea what it could be. The first trip out on the lake the 2 seams in the seat came apart, one probably 12 inches the other maybe 6 inches within 30 mins of riding. This ski has a lot of problems for a ski with ONLY 9 HOURS. I absolutely am not happy with this ski that I have $15000 in so I contacted my salesman on 6-20-17 who ask me to text pics and someone would contact me the next day. I got nothing. He text me 6-22-17 and told me someone from service should be contacting me on that response was I didn't need to talk to service dept and he said he was one of the owners that had been on the ski and I said ok. On 6-23-17 I got a call from the warranty dept wanting me to bring the ski back ( 6 hours round trip) and they would address the issues.I told him at this point I do not trust this ski with the problems it has with only 9 hours on it I could not imagine what it had been through. He said it was above his pay grade he would have someone contact me on Tuesday 6-27-17...nothing. I text him on 6-27-17 after closing and and ask if I was just stuck to learn from my mistake.....I sincerely believe he is trying but as of 10:23pm on 6-28-17 I have not got anything. This ski has entirely to many problems for a ski with no more hours on it than it has I can't imagine what it's been through but I have $1400 less than a new ski in it. I won't ever be happy with it because of the unknowns. I guess as long as you're buying new and have no issues they're a good place to buy but if you have a problem you're screwed. It's really disheartening for me to have so much money tied up in a ski from this dealership when I'm confident they knew this ski had these issues BEFORE I bought it and said nothing and I TRUSTED THEM. I guess it's a very expensive learning experience for me. Thank Performance East!
This information is required (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 06, 2015
Bought a Cam Am and had an issue with it. They fixed it by carving out some plastic on the shifter to make it work. If I want my new ATV fixed with Duck Tape or carving out the fender, I'll do that myself. Poor customer service at the service counter, sales people are friendly, but I do not like their service, support and customer loyalty.
Travis Weeks (I am an Employee of this Dealer)
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Feb. 23, 2013
Unfortunately I noticed that there were some negative reviews from customers and I wanted to address that from an Owners standpoint.

Without going into much detail we have been in this business since 1994. We are family owned and operated and pride ourself on customer satisfaction. With that being said when dealing with the public you will always have times where customers are simply not satisfied. No matter what you do or offer they simply are never pleased. Not saying we are perfect but we have the same managers and owners since 1995. This is what we do, we would not be in business this long and be successful by not offering good customer service. We stand behind our products, our business, our manufacturers, and most importantly our CUSTOMERS! We strive to have good customer satisfaction.

Its a shame that a few false one sided "reviews" are posted on this site but the thousands of happy customers we have aren't. Thats just the nature of the business. Most of the time the only ones who submit reviews are the unhappy ones.

I would like to personally invite anyone who is thinking about doing business with us and has any questions to contact me anytime at the dealership or stop by and I will be happy to show you the numerous customer satisfaction awards and Top Performing Dealer awards from Polaris, BRP, Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and many of our suppliers. You can also visit our website and read tons of positive reviews.

Thanks for your time....
Damon Haley (I am a Customer)
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Jan. 09, 2013
I took my seadoo speedster to in to have the body cracks fixed, console fixed, new stickers, I had new seats done some engine work and they told me that I needed a new bilge pump and few other minor things like removing broken screws and bolts. When I got my boat back they never removed the broken screws or bolts, the new stickers started coming off immediately they rewired my after market radio so that it would only run while the engines were on (they was need to touch my radio). I realized that the new pump that I purchased from them wasn't working and my boat wouldn't start at all. Overall I spent 4,000.00$ there. When I called to have them fix it correctly the owner told me he would not replace the stickers because my trailer had rubbed them off. I explained to him that because the angle in which the stickers were facing and the direction of the boat then that was impossible. He finally fixed the stickers. He also said that everything would get fixed for free but acted as if he was doing me a favor. Then his mechanic called me and said that I needed to pay another 500.00 for a new bilge pump (that would make the second new pump from them) and some electronic parts. When i told them that was not an issue when I brought to them he said "oh well these parts just go out sometime". (yeah go out if you don't disconnect the battery before working on it) I asked him if he checked the fuses and he said yes. I got so mad I told him to stop working on it. I went and picked up my boat. New fuses, another new pump and 30.00$ later I had my boat working again. I spent 4,000.00$ trying to get my boat restores there. The only redeeming quality about this place is Jamie the parts guy. The owner needs a lesson in customer service and common sense, the mechanic needed to be retrained and overall they need decent people working there. They are crooks.DO NOT USE FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN PARTS.
Mike & Teresa (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 28, 2012
Bought a 2013 Polaris RZR 800 and the salesman was very helpful. Service
Dept. serviced and explained everything we needed to know. Installed door and
Decals in a timely manner. They helped us load RZR and the 2012
Honda four wheeler we bought for our son & daughter in law. We are very happy
With everyone at Performance East of Goldsboro.
Tim (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 18, 2012
Performance East gave me the best deal on my 2012 Victor Hard Ball. I arrived late the day that i was getting the bike, but they stayed after hours so I could finish the paper work and drive the bike off the lot. They just completed a factory recall on my bike and I also have no complants. I have recommended Performance East to friends
Jessica (I am a Customer)
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Aug. 05, 2012
We took our jet skin in for routine maintenance. (Was running fine when we took it) Over a thousand dollars later and several trips back and fourth, our jet ski is sinking now as we speak due to the fact that they did not tighten the jet drive.

Need training in customer service. (Even the owner.) When we were pricing a net Sea Doo, we mentioned that we had found the same jet ski at another dealership for a lower price and the owner replied, "Well, do don't have to buy it here!"

Stay away from this dealership, unless you have plenty of money to throw down the drain!

Poor - poor - service.
Cindy (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 23, 2012
Performance East does not stand by its products or customers. Friends bought a brand new Yamaha Jet Ski and it has now logged more hours in the shop than on the water. Problems: ski cut out frequently on the water- the resolve new fuel pump. Problem persisted-the resolve air in the fuel line. Store rep stated if they have any more problems they will get a new jet ski. Next problem occurs the next time it is ridden and only after 25 minutes of riding a spark plug displaces and blew oil all over the engine. Performance not willing to replace jet ski and thinks they fixed the problem. Next time on the water and next problem oil is entering the the same spark plug cylinder. No resolve . Performance East is not backing their product nor is Yamaha and a person high up in the dealer ship actually hung up on the customer.