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5929 North Ridge West,
Geneva, Ohio
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North Ridge Yamaha Suzuki Reviews Write A Review

Shane Mowchan (I am a Customer)
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Jan. 27, 2013
I called North Ridge Yamaha during a recent snow storm while sitting on the side of County Line Rd in Geneva, Ohio. I was about 8 mins away from their shop. It was 12 degrees outside and a blizzard. My cell phone was about to die while I was on hold for Joe I was told. I was left on hold the first time for 9 min and 30 secs before I had to hand up and try my call again. This time Jill answered. I explained my situation and also expressed the urgency due to the weather conditions and my phone battery level. I asked if she could run a replacement belt to me. She said that could be done and then took my cell number and stated she would call me if there was a problem with them getting the belt to me. I waited 37 mins before calling Jill back to see whats going on. I got Jill again,she told me that they were really busy and she didn't have time to call me back( I'm stranded on the side of the road in a blizzard) and she knows this. She told me then they could not bring me the belt. I waited on the side of the road for 37 mins in 12 degrees . I explained my confusion and her reply was "I'm sorry you feel that way sir,but we are really busy right now(again I'm the one stranded on the side of the road on 8 mins drive away from them) Everything Jill said from then on was the exact opposite of how you would handle a customer in any type of break-down situation. She continued to offer excuses only and no resolutions on why she forgot to call me back due to how busy she was(I'll mention it again that I'm the guy sitting with no heat and a snowmobile that just needs a belt in a 12 degrees and a snow storm with an almost dead cell phone). I had one more chance to call somebody to come and help me. I barely had enough battery life by now but somebody answered the next number I dialled. I got a ride up to Yamaha to get my belt and explained the entire situation to the gentleman at the counter. I saw a women in a desk sitting there listening to my concerns ,it took a few minutes before she chimed in with more excuses,now up to this point I did not know who Jill was until she had to defend herself in front of her co-workers. When I repeated her line of "I'm sorry you feel that way sir, but we're really busy here" is when she finally pipped up and still had nothing good to say but how she was so busy and couldn't complete a task that she promised to do for a customer. I would not recommend relying on this Dealership for any service except for picking up parts to do the job yourself. I was going to ride my snowmobile directly to North Ridge Yamaha's service shop for a complete check-up after I replaced my belt. Jill not only lost a customer, she also lost a service visit from a person who believes in maintaining his vehicle's and toys. Thanks for nothing Jill at North Ridge Yamaha in Geneva, Ohio....