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East Coast Powersports Reviews Write A Review

Nick Smith (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 14, 2018
So funny. I guess Gino is still up to the same criminal activity! I haven't been to this place in 15 years. I bought new wave runner from him and it was perfect except for the fact that one of the guages wasn't reading right. i brought it back and they fixed it. My wife and I picked it up from repair and went right to the river with our packed lunch and mini fishing poles. After about an hour of driving the engine started making some crazy noises, which continued to get worse quickly. By the time i made it back to the dock/ramp, the engine was screaming and shaking. I lifted the seat and there it was, a clamp on my oil line that they forgot to take off from the work they did. At this point I can tell i had blown pistons along with other things. Now i have a brand new wave runner with a blown engine. I left the clamp on and took it out of the water. I documented and took pictures of this. I also called East Coast Kawasaki (the old name) and told them that my ski was making crazy noises and shaking etc. I didn't tell them about their oil clamp,just to see what they would say. So, I brought it back to them asap and dropped it off. A mechanic came out to take a look at it with Gino. I saw them both look at it and their faces turned...he then said, "we're gonna take it in the back". So i waited in the showroom. Then 10 minutes later Gino calls me in his office and tells me that I didn't check my oil levels and my ski was out of oil!!! I only used it once and it was new!!!!!! He told me I had to pay for the repair and it would be 2k +/-!!!!!! I still didn't drop the bomb on him yet that i knew what did it, but I had him take me to my waverunner first. So we went back outside where it was sitting and he opened the seat. My oil tank was now empty and the clamp was gone!! Both he and the mechanic were there looking at me. This was when I dropped the bomb on those criminals. I recorded the entire conversation on a personal recorder (this was before cell phones had recorders) and I documented the entire thing and their clamp even had their name on it!!! Gino's face turned white. He knew what he did and he was embarrassed and ashamed. He then told me he would fix it for free...of course...but I didn't want that. They blew up my new ski...i want a knew one. I didn't want his lame plea bargain. I ended up walking out of there with a new waverunner but Gino would have ripped me off if I let him!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from this place unless you like to get robbed.
Longtall 69 (I am a Customer)
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Mar. 11, 2017
Do yourself a favor, and don't do business here unless your intent is to be lied to and ripped off...... Especially if you have any dealings with the owner Gino! I conniving crook for 30 years, and still going strong! Went there for a simple ignition issue on my Kawasaki 450R and this thief tried to tell me that the bike had no compression ...needed piston and rings among everything else in the world! Come to find out, it needed a new ignition and a wire was disconnected! $250 fix compared to his $2,500 quote!! As I continue to tell other about my experience with these clowns ,EVERYONE I TALK TO HAVE HAD THE SAME RIP-OFF TACTIC PULLED ON THEM IN THE PAST! Gino.... Your a P.O.S. And your workers agree!!
Mark (I am a Customer)
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Dec. 05, 2016
This place is a joke. I went in to look at a used riding mower they had out front. I asked if I would be able to start it up and ride on it to make sure everything ran as it should. I was told that nothing was allowed to be test driven and that I would have to take their word that it was in good working order. I never heard of a power sports place that would make you purchase something before being able to make sure it ran.
Shonda (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 13, 2013
I was a first time used bike buyer. I was sold a used Kawasaki Vulcan with dry rotted tires. I never knew what dry rotted tires was until my boss on my job showed me 2 months later. The whole time I had the bike I had fuel leakage problems. I find out the all the fuel lines were dry rotted too. I Took the bike back to the shop and got the carb. rebuilt for $600 bucks. After getting the bike back,(I couldn't pull the choke knob out)1 week later I had to take it to another shop for a leaking hose on the radiator. That shop asked me who did the carb work because the bike was running to lean..(whatever that means) They did a carb adjustment for me and also fixed the choke problem. After that I quickly sold the bike and bought another bike from a private owner. I'm kinda glad East Coast Powersports is finally out of my life. I don't think I'll ever buy a used bike from a shop again.