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  • By  (I am an Employee of this Dealer) on Sep 03, 2016

    Complaint against Coast Cycle World:

    I used to love going to this place of business then I went to work there. It was like peeling a supposedly ripe fruit to find a rotten diseased inner core.

    The management keeps all sales incentives and always has since day one. Normally ...

    Paychecks are issued weekly but at times they bounce due to insufficient funds or are issued late. Funds are raised by selling bikes and using the money meant for paying the bikes off to pay employees. Also the sales of units are used to pay bills off vice actually paying off the unit. This has resulted in a credit hold situation where no new machines can be ordered. Currently Honda has a finance rep in house to prevent this with Honda units.

    No money is put back into the business as you can tell if you look closely. The floor is filthy and is only cleaned by the "new guy" that arrives now and then. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling and off many machines in the shop. The bathrooms are always unsanitary and only one is kept clean because the owners' wife uses it. Most of the time there is no hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels in the rest of the bathrooms.

    Rats run across the drop down ceiling (you can hear them if it's quiet) and emerge at night if you work late you can see them staring at you like you are invading their turf. There used to be a candy container for donations but it had to be removed due to the rats eating the candy at night.

    The mechanics are first rate people. They seem to make the best of a bad situation and do excellent work in the process. They labor in a virtual sweat shop and still consistently turn out good work.

    The parts department consists of boards supported by cinder blocks with little card board signs pointing to locations. The parts manager periodically leaves when fed up with conditions but always seems to return. She is very good at her job; just ask her she will tell you. If you can catch her working and not in the back smoking.

    The finance department is populated by an individual with minimal computer skills. When she is not smoking in the shop she makes the sales force fill out manual buy orders. The system used provides for electronic buy orders but she has disabled parts of this to force the use of the manual buy orders. This costs needless time for each prospective customer and duplication of effort. When the paperwork is not correct she throws a fit. Instead of being a team player and working with her coworkers she demands her way or the highway. The goal is to sell units and her attitude does not foster this at all.

    The general manager is the owners' son. He seldom shows up on time if at all. If his father is not there to make sure he attends, then more often than not he is a no show. He encourages his "friends" to show up for after-hours parties when the dealership is closed. His health is not good and at times falls asleep while you are talking to him. At one time he was a powerful salesman but this time has come and gone. Currently he struggles to operate on an even normal level.

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Jul 14, 2015

    Coast Cycle World (CCW) is tearing up your ECM's by jumping them off!

    CCW did my recall work for the gas tanks on two 2006 Honda Aquatrax jet skis F12, ARX1200N3 models. First, after being quoted that it was a two week job, it took them almost two months. However, Charlie, the ...

    After getting the skis back immediately, I put them in the water and one of them threw an F1 fault and warning light. After consulting with Charlie, he said it was likely no big deal, and that I should just pull the positive cable and let it reset. I did that and was able to ride the remainder of the weekend with no issues, but only rode about another hour and a half total.

    Fast forward to July 1, a little over a month later we put them back in the water. (I am in the military and was gone most of June, hence waiting a month) Again, the same ski threw the F1 fault and warning light. This time, rather than call the shop I read how to pull the code and found it was a 25 code, the knock sensor. After some more research, I pulled the ECM and placed it in my other ski, and it too then threw the same fault and code. With this, I was able to diagnose that it was the ECM and not the knock sensor. I also found that one of the primary reasons for failure of this unit was jumping the ski off or moisture. I always dielectric grease my connections prior to riding for the year, so I feel moisture was not the cause. I also know that CCW jumped my skis off; b/c the technician told me so when mentioning battery maintenance. I said, after sitting a month off a charger this was expected. (I keep them on a battery tender in the garage.)

    I called CCW the first time, and they were unwilling to help, but said that I should talk with the service manager. They were closed Monday July 6, so I called the recall dept with Honda American and requested their assistance thinking they may be willing to sell me the part direct since this initial work was done on recall. On Tuesday July 7, I was able to speak with Charlie at CCW, who stated jumping off would not cause failure, and that his parts dept was unwilling to sell the ECM at a discounted rate. You see, I am not asking that they come out of pocket to pay for the ECM, just that they sell at a discount b/c in my opinion they caused the failure by jumping it off (they ran fine, prior to recall work). I asked them to sale me the part at 10% above cost. I understand my skis are 8 years old, but they have been meticulously maintained, and kept in a garage the last 4 years.

    After four more conversations and two weeks later, both Charlie and Steve (the Head Manager) refused to work with me to resolve this issue. They offered to sale me the part for $800, which can be obtained cheaper online anyway! The heck with them! If you currently have your ski in their shop awaiting the gas tank recall work or ECM replacement, I would tell you to pull it out of their shop, and either go somewhere else or fix it yourself! These guys are lousy and have terrible customer service!

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Feb 12, 2015


    I have a 2014 Honda 4 wheeler that I did not buy from Coast Cycle. I brought to them for the first service and recieved first class service. Got it back the same day. Would highly recomend their service department.

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  • By  (I am a Customer) on Mar 14, 2014
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