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CC Powersports Reviews Write A Review

Brian Johns (I am a Customer)
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Feb. 12, 2017
We purchased a BRAND NEW INDIAN several months ago. It has 271 miles on it and a starter, battery, electrical issue of some kind. I purchased 5 year extended warranty. Service guy says he will call me and let me know what i may owe? How could i owe anything? I have had Harleys many many hears8 and NEVER an issue. Tina called me late last night represenrinf herself as the owner and has asked me to pick up the bike that they will nkt fix it or honor the warranty. Added i only rode 50 miles since late didnt know tbeir was a mikeage requirent to keep a warranty. They havent even looked at bike and ahe told me they won't warranty a battery and harley davidson doesnt either...WRONG. i have paperwork where JD Did warranty my battery 20 months after purchase. I feel they have complete dis regaed for the customers and i will tell EVERYONE i know for a very long time. I took 4 friend's to them this summer that bought Indians, and i bought 1 and also a 2017 yamaha seems after they sell em they dont care about me one bit....this was a simple fix, stand behind what ya sell but NO...I wouLD NEVER recomend CC POWER SPORTS TO ANY OF MY FRIENDS AGAIN.....Worst decision i ever made...should have stuck with HD for the wifes bike.
Christi Johns (I am a Customer)
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Feb. 11, 2017
Disappointing...bought a 2016 Indian Scout has 271 miles on it and won't start. Bringing it in to have the service department at CC Powersports in Indiana take a look at it and I get the run around. We have bought a bike a four wheeler and friends who bought two Indians not to mention $400 in clothing and over $800 in accessories for my bike and now the service department is blowing me off and telling me it's when they can get to it. I would not recommend this place and this whole experience makes me wish I'd gotten a Harley, they always treat their people right.
Bobby Castle (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 25, 2016
I Purchased my 2016 Indian Roadmaster from CC powersports two weeks ago and have been very happy with the transaction. I have owned more than a few Harley Davidson's and I have been to many of the dealerships across the United States. Nothing prepared the wife and I for the Indian experience and how well we were treated from Gary, Cat and the rest of the staff . From the time I walked through the door of CC powersports in Clarksville, IN I have had nothing but great service and have been impressed with the friendly service. They went above and beyond to ensure I was getting the best deal possible. From an retired Army Vet I want to say Thank you for treating my wife and I with honesty and with respect. Salute
Capt Michael (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 06, 2016
I called and spoke to Robert in the parts dept. He found a part that I was looking for and agreed to hold it for me till
I could get there in the morning. Outstanding service, very knowledgeable and just awesome to work with.
I am the President of a not for profit foundation that does a lot of work with at risk children and adults and
Veterans. They helped us find a desperately needed part and were able top get us back up and running
In short order. A very real blessing for us and a definite Can Do attitude from start of the phone call to
the very end.
Nigel (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 24, 2015
I bought a Polaris Ranger from Todd Agnew, he got me the best price I had seen on the particular machine. Best customer service by far. Highly recommend this dealership!
Kelly (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 2  1
Jul. 16, 2015
They're very rude and over priced.
Bill Davis (I visited this Dealer)
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Jun. 01, 2015
I was on a long trip from Iowa when my Roadmaster threw three error codes. I couldn't get the bike started at a gas station in
Clarksville. The dealership sent Keith out and he got the bike started for me. The service department got me right in and Clayton cleared the codes which ended up being minor issues. The bike ran perfect the rest of my 2000 mile trip. They treated me great and went above and beyond. being almost one thousand miles away from home, I appreciated everything these guys did for me.

Bill Davis
Rockwell City, Iowa
Alan mason (I am a Customer)
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Jan. 29, 2013
I purchased a 2008 polaris ranger in late 07. I was so excited until I had my first service issue. I will not elaborate because there is too much to mention but each time I took it in for a warranty repair, I either got the " there is nothing wrong with it" or they repaired it but broke every panel that they had to pull to access the issue. They left clamps off hoses, did not reconnect wires etc. I also had to pay to have the wire they left disconnected connected again. My ranger is still not right but the extended warranty I purchased is over. The camo hood faded into light greenish-yellow during the warranty but they wouldn't fix that either. They said they fixed a few initially when the customer got there quicker. In short, I would never purchase a vehicle there again and I WOULD NOT LET THE SERVICE DEPT WORK ON A TONKA TOY! Oh, and by the way, I had a slow leak in my tire for a long time and they couldn't find the leak. I actually had a service tech tell me that he watched it and couldn't see it leaking! True story. If you do purchase there, do not get service there!
Fred (I am a Customer)
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Dec. 06, 2012
My husband bought a Can Am Spyder for me in October, 2012. I love the bike, but it has a brake fluid leak. It only leaks when I ride it 100+ miles. The brakes has to be hot. When the man came to pick it up, it even had a message across the message board. BRAKE FAILURE. I've had it in the shop for S & S to fix 4 different times. We even told them to take it out and ride it for a long distance preferrable 100 miles but they rode it maybe 40 miles total. Each time they put a piece of cardboard under it and let it set for 3 or 4 days. Of course it didn't leak because it was cold. Like I said it only leaks after a long distance ride. One of the service techs stated the last time we had it in there that he could see where it was leaking, but they still didn't fix it. We now have BRP involved in the case and my husband has now taken it to Lexington Ky to a dealer to have it fixed. S &S sold us an extended warranty for 1200.00 and a service agreement for 1000.00 and it is non refundable. All I am saying is this is the poorest dealership for any vehicle I have ever been to in my 40 years of driving. They not only are incompetant in the service department. they are also crooks. Will never recomment them to anyone. Now i see at the bottom of this review there is a clause for me to agreen to the terms to submit this review. But there are no terms available to read.
Chris (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 30, 2012
The only warning I have for anyone that wants to research this dealership is; "DON'T FORGET YOUR DRIVER LICENSE" you will never,ever see it again. I drove from Florida to Indiana to buy a motorcycle from this establishment. I paid cash and they wanted my SS# DL# and a deposit with my credit card. Just enough info to create an identy. They forgot to give me my DL back and they were suppose to mail it back to me. It got to the point that I had to send the police to the establishment. They even lied to the police. They told me they mailed it certified mail and told the police it was mailed regular mail. Funny, I got the title to the bike regular mail. In my opinion they are all crooks in that place. So if there was a plan with my DL it's OVER...........