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Refinements continue on the helmet worn by the fastest racers in the world

Shoei is known for producing premium motorcycle helmets, and the newly released in the United States Shoei X-Fifteen helmet represents the current state of the company's helmet art. When you have racers of the caliber of Marc Marquez wearing your helmet, you know that the helmet is one of the best in the world – as befits a six-time world champion. The big news for track riders is the 6.1% reduction in drag and 1.6% reduction in lift compared the the previous generation. During the development of the new shell, the helmet was tested at speeds in excess of 218 mph. So, we mere mortals should be OK during our track day exploits. Since these typically take place during the summer months, the seven intake and six exhaust vents will help to keep riders cool. Finally, the rider's field of vision has been improved.

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WITH ONE MISSION: To Make The Fastest Riders On The Planet Even Faster

X-FIFTEEN: When Milliseconds Count

INNOVATE / DISRUPT: Pushing The Boundaries Of Innovation With Disruptive Technology


Among the most important and widely studied properties in racing, no stone was left unturned during the development of the X-Fifteen’s aerodynamics. Designed and refined in SHOEI’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility, the X-Fifteen boasts impressive improvements in all aerodynamic performance measurables, most notably a 6.1% reduction in drag and a 1.6% reduction in lift [as compared to its predecessor].

Thanks to SHOEI’s superior shell molding technology, the bottom third of the helmet (from the chin bar to the rear of the shell) has been strategically narrowed, and together with updated rear stabilizer and rear flap designs, the balance and stability of the all-new X-Fifteen is next level. Working in unison with the newly designed rear stabilizer system and concave of the shell surface, pronounced edges on the top left and right sides of the X-Fifteen further enhance aerodynamic performance by allowing wind to stream off the helmet with minimal resistance.

During the evolution of the X-Fifteen’s 150+ profile shape iterations, SHOEI engineers focused on aerodynamic optimization while in numerous riding and racing positions. Special emphasis was placed on the enhancement of high-speed stability [tested at speeds in excess of 218 mph] while reducing the negative forces that can inhibit a rider’s performance on race day. Mission accomplished.


Overheating while riding and racing can have a direct impact on rider fatigue and safety, which is precisely why ventilation performance was a crucial feature while designing the X-Fifteen. Putting the helmet through its paces in SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel throughout development revealed optimal airflow in multiple riding positions, but none more important than the aerodynamic, tucked racing position.

Featuring seven (7) closable air intakes and six (6) exhaust outlets—all strategically shaped and located to maximize airflow and negative air pressure suction to the rear of the helmet—the X-Fifteen’s ventilation performance is on another level. Helping to pull cool, refreshing air through the helmet, the X-Fifteen’s EPS tunnels have been enlarged from 6mm to 10mm in depth, dramatically increasing cool-air volume and the rate of hot-air expulsion.

Additionally, significant improvements have been made to the innovative cheek pad cooling system by increasing the number of holes delivering refreshing air to the rider’s cheek area. Channels cut through the EPS liner and corresponding air holes located in the cheek pad foam work in harmony with exhaust outlets to clear warm, humid air from the rider’s face with even greater efficiency.


Taking a new angle on performance, the CWR-F2R shield system provides vast improvements in upper and lateral fields of vision. SHOEI engineers revised the eyeport trajectory to increase the upper field of view by 5mm without changing the position of the rider’s head inside the helmet. Though fractional by design, the resulting view through the X-Fifteen’s eyeport is significant while positioned in racing’s extreme lean angles.

Additionally, the DKS-304 PINLOCK EVO lens system is 10% larger than its predecessor and improves lateral field of vision thanks to relocated pins outside of the eyeport.


The all-new CWR-F2R shield system features improved visibility, functionality and performance over its predecessor, and like all SHOEI shield systems, protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Thanks to SHOEI’s innovative 3D injection-molding process, the

CWR-F2R shield also offers a distortion-free view throughout the entire X-Fifteen eyeport.

Highlighting a long list of updates, the CWR-F2R 2D “flat” outside surface combined with 3D technology inside offers an aggressive look with optimized visibility for a more natural view. Vortex Generators on the sides of the shield improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise, and an all-new center locking mechanism helps to evenly distribute shield forces across both spring-loaded base plates.

The X-Fifteen is equipped with an exclusive two-stage shield locking system [center locking mechanism plus racing shield lock], providing optimal protection against unexpected shield releases in the event of a fall. Additionally, a newly designed trigger lock mechanism, once activated, provides even more assurance by preventing the shield from detaching during an impact or crash. The base plate system has been completely redesigned to enable smoother shield openings and closures. Combined with the latest generation window beading that prevents wind and water intrusion when the shield is locked, the CWR-F2R shield and base plate system is the most advanced on the market today.


The X-Fifteen is equipped with a fully removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry Custom Interior System II. SHOEI’s exclusive Max-Dry liner material absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture twice as fast as traditional nylon interiors, and in combination with the X-Fifteen’s superior ventilation system, keeps racers and aggressive riders alike cool and dry during intense riding sessions. Additionally, the innovative cheek pad cooling system delivers refreshing air to the rider’s cheek area thanks to channels cut through the EPS liner and air holes strategically located in several areas of the foam.

Fine-tuning your racing equipment is essential to improving performance, and the X-Fifteen’s independently adjustable 3D center pad components are no exception. Like its predecessor, each section of the center pad can be replaced with optional thicknesses to customize the fit based on head shape and performance demands. New to the X-Fifteen, however, each pocket-shaped pad has separate, removable layers that can be peeled away to further optimize the individual fit.

Similar to the X-Fourteen interior, the X-Fifteen’s cheek pad system utilizes a patented angle adjustment mechanism to change the position of the helmet by up to 4-degrees to increase the upper field of vision while tucked in extreme racing positions. In addition to innovative cooling properties, the surface area of the cheek pads has been enlarged by 16.5%, giving riders a more secure and comfortable fit, especially at high speeds.


The X-Fifteen is equipped with the SHOEI-exclusive Emergency Quick Release System that allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the cheek pads from an injured rider’s helmet. With the cheek pads removed, the helmet can be safely lifted from a rider’s head without creating unnecessary strain in the neck area.


Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as critical as its first-layer of defense, which is precisely why the all-new X-Fifteen features the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell construction. Combining a six-ply matrix of fiberglass with lightweight organic and high-performance fibers, the X-Fifteen’s proprietary AIM+ shell provides optimal impact-absorption, strength and elasticity, and is available in four shell sizes to ensure a custom fit for heads between the sizes of XS-XXL. The X-Fifteen is both Snell M2020R and ECE22.06 certified.


The X-Fifteen’s Multi-Piece, Multi-Density EPS liner boasts optimized impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of foam in key areas around the rider’s head. In addition to impact performance, the precise placement of multi-density EPS liner material yields a more compact, lightweight design, further accentuating the X-Fifteen’s safety and comfort properties.

Contributing greatly to the X-Fifteen’s unrivaled ventilation performance, the multi-piece EPS liner features strategically-located tunnels that allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through the helmet. Enlarged from 6mm to 10mm deep [as compared to the X-Fourteen], the X-Fifteen’s superior ventilation characteristics have been further enhanced without compromising an ounce of safety.

Also new to the X-Fifteen, a small channel in the front chin bar area has been strategically designed to guide and receive hydration systems, including the all-new optional SHOEI Hydration Tube.


Replicas: $1049.99

Graphics: $999.99

Matte Solid: $919.99

Solids: $899.99

*MSRP subject to change (U.S. Prices Only)

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Press Release
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  • Paulévalence Paulévalence on May 05, 2023

    I'll admit I didn't read *everything* in the press-release, but there is no addition of a rotational impact system similar to MIPS?

  • Eric Robert Ellis Eric Robert Ellis on Jan 18, 2024

    I've loved my X-Fourteen since I bought it new back in 2016 and I hate that its now too old to continue use. This new X-Fifteen might be the replacement...